A Storm is Coming

 There is a storm coming.  Traveling slow and taking small steps across the land it is coming.  I saw this day coming for sure a year ago.  I was discussing with co workers how our place of employment had changed so much over the years.  The attitude of management had changed.  the way the business was becoming less friendly and more into a dog eat dog world.  Signs would appear in the halls and elevators encouraging employees to speak up if they saw something that wasn’t right.  For a while I had hope that things could change for the better.

 This week I had my review and was told what my raise would be.  The review I was told was good.  The raise was almost non existent with $.06.  I told my boss that it didn’t even cover inflation and that we didn’t get a raise last year.  I was told it was tough being at the top.  I told him that technically I was making less than I was two years ago.  He told me I was correct and moved on in the review.  

 This was the day I knew that things had to change.  While people talk about tax breaks for the rich and protecting the job creators I saw first hand that the economy and life in American can not be left in the hands of greedy corporate pigs.  

 The next day I stayed home and seriously thought about what I was going to do.  I had two minor successes on Amazon.com with books that I wrote, After the Day and Red Tide.  I have a few more sitting on the hard rive needing polished before they were put on.  I have money in savings.  Vacation time can be cashed in.  A 403b account sits in somebody else’s wallet.  I have to make a change.  

 I started listening to some of the pod cast I had downloaded weeks ago including “Write 2 b Read” pod cast.  I listened for hours about guys that started blogs.  People were choosing Amazon over traditional publishers.  Much of it sounded like things I was already doing.  The only thing I had missing was the blog to connect with my readers.  That is where this page comes in.  

 The collapse experiment isn’t just about my books.  This blog will go into several things.  How I write.  Where my ideas come from.  What is happening in my garden. Books I’ve read.  How to live on a VERY small budget.  I really want to incorporate how the things I do effect the stories I write.  

 The books I have are post apocalyptic fiction.  It’s a popular genre at the moment and one that I will continue with.  What I tried to do in the past is take out the things I didn’t like about the other books in the market and include the things I wanted to see from it.  I guess several people out there were thinking the same thing.  Several thousand people were thinking the same thing.  I know many people out there are asking when the next book will come out and all I can say is soon.  What that means I technically don’t know.  

 My other hope for this blog is to keep my readers satisfied until the next installment comes out.  So if your are itching to read something else from me this blog is the place to go.  I will try to make this daily if not every other day as to keep it on a schedule.

Matthew Gilman can be contacted on his author facebook page.