Taking the Leap

 After five days of wrestling with the knowledge that my profession is at a standstill my life took a drastic turn when I handed in my notice to leave work.  I had three conversations with my boss after my review and came to the same realization every time, I will not get anymore money.  No I figure once in a while things like that will happen.  In 2009 it was announced that there would be no raises for the employees while corporate received new job titles and went home with a pay increase. Things like that happen.  Why shouldn’t highly paid multimillion dollar douche bags be able to take home more money for poor money management skills after all it works for the rest of us.  

 In the 14 years that I have been at my place of employment I have gone 5 years without receiving a raise.  This week was the last straw.  I have heard several other horror stories about reviews and the made up complaints from supervisors.  At this point I no longer have to care.  As of today I am on a road to freedom.  

 I turned in my notice and left the office with a smile that hurt my face and a tear.  14 years of my life are now gone to a place that used and abused until I couldn’t take anymore.  The upside is that I have learned from my mistake and still have time to turn things around and live a life that I came be proud of.  Some people may take comfort in handing over the responsibilities of their lives to other people. I have never been one of them.  I would ask questions about why I have to work for a company?  Why can’t I work for myself?  The answers varied with “it is easier,” or “it just doesn’t work that way.”  there are plenty of people out there that are self employed.  There are even more that do better than the people who work for corporations.  If has been said to me several times that “you don’t become rich working for somebody else.”

 I have a plan.  Already in motion there are a handful of projects that are underway to help with this change of lifestyle.  I know that I will be working more.  I know it will be a tough road.  In the end it will be worth it and be on my own terms.  

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