The Collapse Experiment

 For those that have been reading this blog you have most likely been wondering why I call this the Collapse Experiment. I had an idea a while ago for doing an experiment to simulate what life would be like if there was a collapse.  Of course that is difficult to do when you have to go to work everyday and you’re driving your car around.  Since I had that idea I have accumulate a few things that would help if it ever happened. I bought a mountain bike.  I have a organic garden that I have always wondered if it could sustain me if needed. I added a rain collection system to the gutters on my house.  I accumulated a large collection of books as one would want to do if the power ever went out.  

 I don’t think this will be an actual experiment.  For one I have to have my laptop to write and keep up with my current projects including this blog.  Some of the things that would help with thinking about how a collapse would be, I rarely watch television, I don’t have cable or internet at home, and I own an old car.  Aside from my mortgage I have no debt.  I grow a majority of my own food during the warmer part of the year.  While I do a lot of this in order to save money and be more productive they are also things that would come in handy during such an event.   

 Currently many of these aspects are already a part of my life.  About one third of my garden is ready for spring.  I started a reading list for the year that I am currently working on.  I have cut back on extra spending.  Finally I put in my notice with work.  As of April 18th I will be working at home.  I have money saved up.  I can continue to pay my mortgage for several months after my last day.  If I need to get around town I can ride my bike instead of using my car.  I’ll have more time for the garden and writing projects such as the new series I started.  What is funny is that trying to become self employed and working at home will also be an experiment in living in a collapse situation.  The things I learn along the way and the mistakes I make will be documented here.  My annual war with the local squirrels will likely show up.  My fishing trips for a decent dinner will be mentioned.  

 Living in a lower class neighborhood will likely help get an idea for this project.  Five days ago a man was arrested on my street at 2:15am.  The police were called for shots fired that I never heard.  When they approached the intersection, less than a block from my house, a man ran from a car. They chased him and he threw a semi automatic pistol into a yard. The cops caught him and found the gun.  They also found crack cocaine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana on him.  This is a weekly event where I live and it has already started.  I can’t think of a better place to feel like you are living in a collapse situation.  

 So there you have it. The collapse experiment. One man’s journey into self employment and living off the land.  

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