Never look a gift beer in the mouth

While leaving the library today I heard my name being hollered down the street. I looked to see a friend from the local watering hole waving me down.  

 “Come on, you’re not at work. Have a drink. I’ll pay.”  the guy in particular I have talked to several times.  He have a few things in common. He’s very knowledgeable in world war 2 history and we have some great conversations about world events and conspiracy theories.

 I had just uploaded the next episode of my series onto Amazon, The Writer: Chronicling the End of the World.  The task didn’t take long.  I found a free copy of Q Road by local author Bonnie Jo Campbell.  The visit was less than half an hour and while I was supposed to go home and go for my evening run I was invited to my favorite bar.  While I was at the bar I Googled the first episode of The Writer and found that it was already listed as suggested reading on another website.  That I did not expect to see. I had found my previous books on the Goodreads app and that was shocking enough.  In two days my new series was already recognized as something to look out for.  That was cool.  

 After listening to another episode of the pod cast Write 2 B Read I realized that one of my biggest weaknesses is promotion and advertising.  While I have the KDP select to do a lot of that for me there are other options that I would like to try.  Podcast would be a great option.  Either interviewing on one or doing one myself.  I did learnt that the Hub, a tech center at the local library, offers services to people in the local area.  That includes recording pod cast.  Maybe that will be in my future. At the moment I have no idea.

 So I had one beer at the bar.  I can home and had my run.  Not my best, but not my last.  My next book took a few unexpected turns today.  While I can’t say that I was surprised it was not what I was expecting.  The joys of writing are still with me.  When I can sit back and go, “huh” because I wrote something that wasn’t intended that is a magical moment that I don’t want to go away.  

 I’m sure I will have many more days like today.  I don’t know how I ended up with friends that will chase me down to offer me a beer.  I will never complain about it.  The words of encouragement I have been receiving has been a blessing.  People I thought would be disappointed have instead pushed me further to realize my dreams.  There is a plan and while it changes by the day it is also coming together by the day.  This blog is a small part.  It is still one of the working gears for what I am trying to do.  To remove any of the parts to this plan and it might falter.  There are some pieces still missing and I don’t know what they are yet.  I will get there.  

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