Recycling Day

 Today is the day before the big trash pick up for the neighborhood. I had to take out some old windows I was using for cold frames.  The neighborhood kids thought it was a good idea to throw some rocks through them.   I took out other items and then saw some wicker furniture down the street.  The usual scrap pickers were out grabbing any metal they could find.  After putting that last item on the curb I walked across the street to see a truck pull up.


 I walked up and they guy grabbed a metal rack and drove off.  The furniture was mine. I grabbed the table and chair.  I started waling across the street when the two guys living there came out and asked if I wanted the couch.  

 “oh ya.”

 They carried the couch over and suddenly I had a new porch.  The old folding chairs that were bending and waiting to break were put on the curb.  Underneath the couch was a pallet.  

 I went back and grabbed the pallet.  

 Last year the composting in the back yard hit a new high when I was unable to add the fall leafs to the bin.  Made out of four pallets the compost bin was full by fall.  I already had one extra pallet and now I can add to the bin on one side and double the amount.  Once the collapse experiment starts the black gold these bins create will be one of the most important parts of my garden.  I was super excited about the pallet.

 The new furniture made me think about how people would be if there was a collapse.  If a plague went through and wiped out a large portion of the population what would stop the survivors from upgrading their homes.  “Ya know, Jane and Bob have that nice lawn furniture.” not the same thing I will admit but I was able to upgrade from a local, down the street, location.  So what is really cool about this is that I was able to upgrade and enhance my garden with items found in walking distance of my house.

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