Experiment plans

 I was surprised to see how well my compost pile had produced over the winter.  Usually during the cold months nothing happens.  The leaves and grass will stay in their solid state easily picked up with a potato fork and moved to the next bin.  This year I was able to move several buckets of fresh humas to the garden as fresh fertilizer.  I’m still waiting for many of my seeds to sprout.  Yesterday the high was 64 degrees and I thought for sure I would see something happening.  I have a feeling that my soil drains too quickly.  While checking on the garden the top inch or so was dry.  This is the same layer my spinach and lettuce is supposed to sprout.  I water it everyday and yet it is difficult to keep the soil moist enough for spouting.  I wonder, during a collapse, how difficult would it be to keep a garden watered?  

 The second compost bin is built.  Another project is done.  There is still much to do.   The weather says we will have thunderstorms all day and I can’t say I’m disappointed.  This could be the weather my plants are waiting for.  The time is still early.  There could be frost in the near future. If I am able to claim the day for writing I won’t complain.  

 I have started working out again as part of the experiment.  Alternating between running and lifting weights I have started to feel better physically.  With the amount of work around the house I will need to do being in shape is a very important part of survival.  There is of course the self defense aspect of being in shape as well.  If I had to defend myself during a collapse having a heart attack is not an option.  While most street fights don’t go beyond a minute the guys involved rarely have the cardio to fight any longer than that.  Fighting, from my experience, is a combination of technique and athletic abilities.  You can be in shape but if you haven’t learned to fight, good luck.  If you have skill and you fight somebody with the same skill but they are in better shape, good luck.  The two go hand in hand and right now I can safely say I have neither.  This will be a daily endeavor that will be part of my experiment.  It will change with the weather and to prevent me from being bored.  One thing I want to do is try the workouts that are described in some of my books just to make sure I didn’t put unrealistic expectations on my characters.  

 Currently I use a door gym with the resistance bands for my weight training.  I have free weights in the basement, but I have to be honest with myself, I need to work up to those.  In the basement I also have a heavy bag, plus an extra that I use for ground training. I have everything to get into shape, I just need to use them.  

 I need to set some goals and rules for this experiment if it is going to work.  If readers have any ideas feel free to share them here.  Currently I’m looking at a Bugging in phase of the experiment.  Then moving to a recon and bugging out phase in order to learn the how to and what to do.  There are hiking and biking trips planned.  

 Along with the physical aspect of the experiment I want to work on self defense.  I have a small collection of self defense weapons and I’m looking to figure out which ones to work with and practice.  I do want to hit the range a few times this summer just to get the practice in.  

 So my agenda today?  Write.  The weather is crappy out and bugging in appears to be the best choice.  

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