I ran today and did not die!

 As I mentioned before part of my experiment is to get into shape.  While I was planning to stick with my short 1.5 mile runs with a little heavy bag work following I was asked why I don’t trying running more if I feel like I can?  There was a time when I was doing a 5km a few times a week.  Of course the reason I was able to do that was I had just finished a p90x workout program and so my legs and cardio were at a great point in my life.  You may ask why I wouldn’t do that program again.  For one the workouts are longer than they need to be.  Two, I know them by heart and by the end of the 90 days you are yelling at Tony to “shut the hell up and get on with it already.”  it’s not that the program isn’t great but in reality if there was no power would you be able to do a p90x workout? NO, because they are on DVD.  

 So I keep the cardio and weights simple.  I run a bit, I lift a bit.  I don’t need to burn anymore calories than I have to.  My run today was part of the 5km course I did a few years ago. Not a difficult trail. Barely any inclines since it runs along a creek.  The path is paved and along the way you can see deer and vultures.  For the first time today there was a vulture.  Also spotted a falcon and some turkey in the distance and this place is in the middle of town.   

 Last night was the most difficult time I can think of with bugging in.  The desire to go out and seek human contact was a difficult urge to fight off.  I kept giving myself excuses for going out and having a beer at the bar.  Finally my good senses won over and I stayed home.  The book that kept me busy was the Millionaire Next Door.  The entire book teaches one to be a cheap ass if they want to be prosperous.  I have no problem with that. If this experiment is going to work it is something that I have to learn.  I always had a feeling that the well to do people in society really weren’t as well off as they appear.  You can’t spend everything you have and save at the same time.  I guess it goes without saying in many things.  Storing food, saving money, staying in shape, all of these things take discipline and that is something that most Americans do not have.  Everybody wants a damn hand out and nobody is willing to work for what they want.  That goes for everyone, the wealthy as well.  

 So I’ll save my money, I’ll keep running and I’ll keep writing on this blog.  A book doesn’t write itself and one must be crazy to write one.  One must also be crazy to become wealthy and healthy as well.  That is a good kind of crazy I hope to catch one day.  

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