Patience is not one of my better virtues

I have to admit that at times patience is not one of my better virtues.  Last week I had planted radish, kale, carrots, peas, and lettuce straight into the ground.  Contrary to what some might say plants like Peas enjoy and need cold weather instead of the hot sun of summer.  The radishes I use as a cover crop until it is warm enough to plant other seeds directly into the ground.  I find that everything taste better when you grow it yourself.  Finally today with 63 degree weather the sprouts started to show themselves.  The small twin leaves of everything show themselves and I finally felt justified in my timing to plant.  The frost is gone from what I have seen on the weather report.  Even if we had another sneak attack of frost I still have my old windows to place over them.  

 Most of the yard was still intact when I came home today.  The squirrel must have gotten the hint when copper started raining down on him yesterday.  Either that or he is stealing the WIFI connection from the neighbors and read my blog in his tree.

 My garden is a mix of various gardening styles.  in the raised beds I have square foot gardening.  In the main bed I use bio intensive gardening with the ditch digging technique.  In the side bed I use wide rows try and limit weed growth.  By the shed I started using large pots to grow the potatoes in since they spread through the soil and they are impossible to remove after that.  

 This year I am trying something new in the main garden.  Along with the ditch digging I am trying the three sisters technique in half of the garden.  The three sisters are corn, beans, and squash.  The reason it is supposed to be better than doing a mono crop is because all three plants help the others produce more.  The corn is a pole for the beans to grow up.  The beans add nitrogen to the soil that corn soaks up while growing.  The squash covers the ground and helps keep moister in the soil during the hot months.

 This will be my first year trying it.  I will give updates later in this blog to inform you how it is going.  

 Today my task was to move all the kale that survived winter into one spot.  These plants are still young and will produce throughout the year.  I dug them up after clearing out a wide row in the side garden and planted them all there.  For greens, Kale tends to be one of my main staples.  I didn’t like it when I first tried it, raw!  That wasn’t a good idea.  After looking up some recipes in my various cook books I grew to enjoy it and found it to be my favorite these days.  For some reason I have tried to grow spinach every year and it never grows, NEVER!  I don’t know it it’s the soil, the light, or the temperature. I have tried everything throughout the years and it never grows.  

 So there it is.  I know what to do. How to do it. How long it will take.  What I will get. Yet, every year it is not good enough.  I get impatient.  My garden never fails me. It does what it can with what it has and how it is supposed to. I on the other hand want it now.  Isn’t that what is wrong with society as a whole.  We keep wanting things for no reason or at the wrong time or even when we know it’s not good for us. My garden has nothing to apologize for.  I just need to be patient and let it do it’s work the way it needs to.  

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