Updates on books and Tippy’s Return

 I can’t say that the last couple of days have been very eventful. Ever since the annual reviews at work were done my department has lost seven people since that week.  Two of them never finished their two week notices and stopped coming in all together.  This has put the burden of that work on people like me.  I may have 11 days left before my final good bye but I have to stick it out in order to get the vacation time sell back and take off on my grand adventure into the writing world.  The sad thing is when I have a regular job I’m poor, when I work as a writer I will be poor.  The good thing is that I’m not leaving a cushy job to go live a dream.  I will be continuing a way of life I am already accustomed to in hopes of something better.  I can effect how well a book does and what I do to promote it, I can’t change the minds of a bunch of guys in suits who make three times as much as me and tell me I should be grateful for the scraps.  

 What I have been able to accomplish is making a new cover for my first book After the Day and rewriting the description for both of my books. I included a list of ways to contact me outside of Amazon since that appeared to be a point of interest with my readers.  I updated the appearance of my blog to go back to something that was easier to navigate.

 I worked on the release of my next book Ronin.  I created the cover and uploaded the file to Amazon as a draft.  Afterwards I was sent an email with almost 50 spelling errors that were not recognized by Microsoft works.  Sigh.  Even with spellcheck these errors did not come up.  The upside was that in the email Amazon sent a list of each sentence and the word highlighted so I could go back and change each one for a new upload.  

 In the garden I cleared the spot where the “three sisters” planting will be.  In less then 12 hours Tippy the squirrel ran in and added his little craters.  I have started referring to him as the Garden Troll since he likes to come in after I have done some new things and shit all over it.  

 Bush beans were planted in the square foot gardening box.  I lost a few seeds to tunnels dug by the shrews and moles that the cats have not taken care of.  Those little fur balls have become a bane in my existence. A few years back I had a turnip the size of a baseball I pulled to find the center was completely missing.  Since then I have tried pumping car exhaust into their hole, smoke bombs, and water that does absolutely nothing but increase my water bill.  Compared to the squirrel, the moles could be a bigger burden to deal with.  


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