Getting Ready

 Eight days until a new life.  I picked up my fishing license today.  I’ll need an easy source of protein for the experiment ahead. The garden is coming along great with seedlings speckling the soil every few inches.  With the weekend off I was planning to get some more writing done.  My next chapter for the writer is due on Monday and I may have some readers following the series since I offered the first two episodes for free.  Ronin hasn’t caught on yet.  I’m hoping that will change with two interviews coming up on a couple of pod cast.

 The idea of marketing my books has really taken off with my plans this summer.  Granted my plans are cheap and simple.  Hiking, fishing, biking, and camping are my primary plans.  The reality of trying to simulate a collapse is more difficult than one would think.  In a sense all I have to do is be creative and learn how to be poor.  The sad thing is that most of the world is already poor and I will be adapting to their reality.  

 To get a real grip on reality Americans are the least prepared for something like a economic collapse.  We spend all of our money. We work too much.  We don’t know how to cook or grow food.  We leave our own protection in the hands of others.   We don’t learn how to fix anything.  We are never accountable for our actions.  We don’t think about anybody else except ourselves.  And, we think the rest of the world should be like us.  

 There is something to be said about growing up poor and living in bad neighborhoods.  I have learned how to go without.  I have a healthy distrust of others.  I learned how to fix the most common of things.  I learned to enjoy the simplest of pleasures.  

 My world doesn’t contain the same luxuries that others say they can’t go without.  My idea of a magical evening involves a book, glass of wine, and good music.  On extra special occasions I have company to share it with.  I don’t ask for much and don’t expect much.  I can imagine a collapse to be a real lonely time for one that has no roommate or spouse.  Going solo is not ideal.  For many it will be a reality.  I’m lucky in a few regards. I have space to grow food.  I have rain barrels if the water went out.  Plenty of books fill my house for entertainment.  Homemade wine fills my shelves in the basement.  


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