Starting New Jobs and in Limbo with Old

 After an interesting day a work I came home to check on the garden and work on notes for my first non-fiction book.  Before I talk about the book I have to first discuss my day.  

 A few weeks ago I put in my notice with my employer that I was leaving.  I stated my last day would be the 18th of April in order to finish a pay period before I left.  Today I showed up to work to find that my badge did not work and that I was taken out of every system in the hospital including email.  I asked my boss about what was going on and he admitted he might have mixed the days with another employee that put in their notice the same day I did.  As the day went on I found that my badge and access to all computer systems was still gone.  At the end of my shift I went to find my boss and he had left early for the day.  I called payroll and was told they never received the email my boss was going to send them.  I was then transferred to HR and told my boss needed to put in a request for a change of end date.  Sigh.

 Needless to say I may have spent the entire day at a job I may not be paid for.  Double Sigh.

 Since I may have the rest of the week “off” I came home to start working on a project that I have been thinking about for a while.  I have wanted to do a survival gardening book and now have the motivation to do it.  I have never written non-fiction before except for school papers.  I organized the information that I want it to have.  Next comes the challenge of writing it in a informative yet entertaining way.  What I find interesting about the process is how quickly the layout came to mind and how simple it was to organize.  I have a few other non fiction books that I would like to do in comparable subjects.  I will get to those over the summer.  In the meantime I will be finishing the rough draft for book four of the Future Collapse series.  I can feel it coming to a close now and there have been many surprises along the way.  Once book four is finished I will set it aside for the gardening book and come back to it for editing and rewrite. Soon my days will belong to me and my readers.  I’ll be able to produce regular content.  This will be a tough road ahead.  I will face many challenges along the way.  In the end I know it will all be worth it.  

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