It has Begun…

For all intents and purposes the experiment is on.  I have my last day at the hospital this Saturday. After the I am on my own.  The furnace has been shut off.  The gas tank is full.  I could have done better with food storage but that is part of the experiment.  The garden is growing.  Crime has already risen in the neighborhood.  

 My current schedule looks as this: write, read, garden, read, garden, workout, write.  That follows the extent of my life as it has been on my days off.  It varies from day to day.  What surprises me is the level of productivity. On these days I have accomplished more than the tired days forcing myself to do something after 8 hours of work.  My writing has become better and my reading has expanded.  

 Yesterday I came home to work in the garden for a few hours.  I found some pots in the shed and filled them with dirt from the garden.  Going through my seed bank I found plants I haven’t planted yet.  

 The peas have finally poked out of the soil and are quickly working their way to the trellis I built for them.  I planted Quinoa yesterday, a fast growing grain that enjoys cool weather, I’m hoping it creates enough shade to cool off the spinach that I planted around them.  I don’t intend on having the spinach all season so those will be gone buy the time the Quinoa is reaching full size.   

 I have a good size patch to work with in the side garden.  I’m still debating what I will plant there once I work the soil.  Currently I am debating on soy and runner beans. There are so many plants I want to grow.  

 Already I have lost ten pounds and I can attribute that to less beer in my diet.  I have been working out more than I normally do and getting in the garden helps too.  

 An article was published today on the local news website concerning the rise of crime with the warmer weather.  My neighborhood has already seen a rise in activity with a guy arrested for shooting a gun at 2:30am.  On the north side of town shootings have already taken place.  A large gathering at a gas station resulted in a cowboy style shootout where one guy was shot and took himself to the hospital an hour afterwards.  Of course he was minding his own business.  The same day two houses were shot at during a drive by.  In one house a bullet flew past the head of an 83 year old woman who was watching TV.  

 If this isn’t close to a collapse situation I don’t know what is.  Granted it’s not Detroit but I think this shows what much of the country could look like in the right/ wrong circumstance.  

 So this is my life.  Write, read, grow, and repeat.  The anger and animosity I had towards life is gone.  I have people in my life that are concerned about my current predicament.  I know that as time goes on things will get better. I have to believe that trying something new in the hopes that my life is better can only have a better result regardless if it works or not.  I can continue to work the same job for another 14 years but can I expect anything more out of it than what I get now?  I can sit around and gripe about what my life has turned into or I can do something and make my life into what I want out of it.  

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