The New Reality

 His days have become simple. The ride downtown for his online interview consisted of several moments when his legs burned and his heart wanted to jump out of his chest.  His desire to reach his destination faster than time and space would allow pushed his body beyond what his current limitations are.  He knows that those limitations will be pushed far beyond where they currently are, but it will be a long time before he is at that point.

 After the interview he stops at his local brewery where the owner was inside cleaning out the steel drums where he makes his beverage.  The brewer turns around to see the writer outside on his bike.  An excited look on his face tells the brewer the anticipated interview had gone well.  They talk for a few minutes then the writer is back on his bike wondering when his legs and heart will fail him in his simple task.

 At home he spends a few hours in his garden.  Watering the potato containers and checking the rest of the garden his work is quickly done for the day.  Following his garden duties he picks up the book he is reading and sits on the porch.  His wicker chair, that was salvaged from his neighbor’s trash pile, offers him a comfortable place to read but not allowing him to fall asleep.  

 He drinks his home made hard cider. He reads his book about Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Pages pass, the bottle is almost gone.  The moment the light pole in his yard turns on he sets the bookmark between the pages and closes the cover.  He downs the last of his cider and walks inside to spend the rest of the evening creating his own words and forming worlds that live currently in his own mind.  He is a writer.  He is a creator of worlds, his clay is a paragraph, his chisel is his words, and his final art is found in a cover.

Matthew Gilman can be contacted on his author Facebook page and found on Twitter.