Gone Fishn’

Today was the second time I have gone fishing this year.  The first time I went out I had no luck using the imitation bait in my tackle box.  In the past I had received a lot of criticism for using worms on a hook.  In the end I usually had the better catch.  That didn’t prevent me from trying to use my fake bait.  

 If a person can get good at using fake bait maybe I should put some time into it.  So the first day I went out changed lures every 20 minutes or so and caught nothing, zilch, nada.  I went home disappointed but learned something along the way.  Use what you already know works.  

 So today I went out into the garden in the cool morning hours.  I did the little bit of work I needed to do.  When the sun was up warming the soil I turned over some boards and grabbed the worms underneath.  I had more than enough from my garden and set off to the lake.  

 The first hour was slow.  Around noon things changed.  for an hour I would toss the line out to get a bite right away.  Large crappie mistaken for bass by a guy walking his dog were pulled out and tossed in the bucket for later.  This went on for over an hour.   

 By the end of the afternoon I had nine crappie and ten blue gill waiting to be cleaned for dinner.  At home I scraped the scales off.  Filleted the meat off.  Battered the pieces and fried them in oil.  The best meal on the planet is one that you provided for yourself from start to finish.  The crappie has always tasted good and impressed me with the amount of food they provide. I cant say the same for blue gill but they do taste good.  

 At the end of my fishing trip I still had worms left but the fish had stopped biting.  Almost twenty fish is nothing to be disappointed about.  It was a fine meal over a glass of home made dandelion wine while catching up with a friend. In the coming weeks I hope to catch a lot more and fill the freezer for future meals.  

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