Hunkering Down, Don’t do it alone

 The last two days have been a long series of rain.  We haven’t had the pleasure of any storms, only rain.  The long slow drizzle of sun covering rain. Granted this has been a great time to finish the rough draft of my current project.  I will say I think it has a lot to do with the insomnia that I dealt with last night.  

 I woke up 20 minutes before I would have been at work on an old normal day.  I drove to work and had the luxury of parking wherever I wanted.  I dropped off my badge, keys, and pager to my old boss and said goodbye to a few people.  We promised to stay in touch and get together from time to time.  

 The rest of the day was devoted to my new job, the job you are reading about.  I had to go to the library and upload the latest episode of The Writer: Chronicling the End of the World. While I was there I turned in an application with the used bookstore downstairs to be a volunteer.  

 The morning was spent finishing up my latest novel.  I wish I could say it’s finished.  That maybe my mission tonight.  

 I can say that rice is getting old already.  There isn’t much to work with on adding to the staple food yet.  The garden is growing slow with the cool weather.  

 Hunkering down is like being in college.  You stay in because you don’t have money to go out.  You put together weird food items because you forgot to get groceries.  Out of boredom you do your homework because there isn’t much else to do.  What may sound odd or sad was that I never dreaded writing papers for school.  I normally got a good grade on it.  The downside was that most kids hated it or did bad so it was rare for the teacher to assign a paper.  In college the paper was back and I knew how to write.  I remember then wondering if I could make money writing other people’s papers.  I never did, just got the look of being a kiss ass over achiever for getting an A and making people look bad.  Then of course we would have the test and my score would drop.  

 So far the hardest part of hunkering down is the loneliness.  I have my cat… I have my crazy cat.  I try to think of reasons to leave the house when that’s not part of the job.  This afternoon I had to mail a package and found myself shooting the shit with the mailman.  Turns out he is a pretty interesting guy.  If the weather was better I doubt I would have these problems.  I could have gone running or went for a walk.  I would have rode my bike to the library this morning.  

 I can always sit back and say if the world was chaos than there is no way I would go out the door.  Lets get real for a moment.  Curiosity would get the best of people and they would go out.  Somebody might stay behind to protect things but you can’t spend all your time inside without replenishing things.  I don’t have the option of having somebody staying behind to protect things.  My cat pretends to be tough but it’s all an act.  

 Hunkering down is not for the lonely.  Having a cat is nice but it doesn’t replace having somebody to play chess with.  She always knocks the pieces over and doesn’t move them in accordance to the rules

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