The Dreaded Pull of a Calf Muscle

 Today I feel like I finally found my groove. The last two day I have woken up early and had my butt at the computer before 8am.  I worked on my upcoming gardening book and some touch ups for book four of the future collapse series.  Before lunch I decided to go for a run.  Except for the hike towards South Haven and walking to the library, I haven’t done any exercising.  So I start my run and half way through my pace is better than anything I had done before. I’m flying back to my house and already I’m planning to hit the bag in the basement for a little bit.  About a hundred yards away from my house I step off of the curb to cross the street and felt the snap in my calf muscle.  Instantly I start limping and walk back home.  At that moment my exercising for the day was done.  

 Back home I check out my garden and my neighbor invites me in to catch up on the neighborhood.  On her television the riots in Baltimore are playing.  I tried to find information on this last night and only found footage of police cars being destroyed.  After 20 minutes I finally posted on facebook and a friend told me about the guy killed in police custody.  Watching the footage ends up being research for my books and learning how people act when things start falling apart.  

 After massaging my leg for a bit I go back to the garden and start making a list of things I want to get done during the day.  I know if I sit on my butt then my leg will cramp up again.  I made a walkway and a trellis out of sticks for pole beans.  I cleaned out the soil and planted lettuce under the trellis and Swiss chard around it.  On the opposite side of the walkway I plant a bed of quinoa.  For mulch I took the Japanese grass from last year and cut it down to a few inches in size. The fibrous material works great for mulch and feeding the soil during the summer.  I line the walkway with cardboard and newspaper then cover it with the Japanese grass.  I planted more bush beans in the main garden.  

 Sitting by the Japanese maple I planted two bushes I bought last year. The wolf berry has become very popular over the years as a super fruit.  Known here as the Goji berry, due to marketing, there has been a spike in sales for the dried fruit.  One of the plants survived the winter and already has leaves growing.  

 The peach tree in the front yard already has its first flower growing on it.  I’m hoping this year I am able to enjoy some fruit instead of having the squirrels stealing them.  There are still a few spots in the garden I have to work on.  That will keep my busy during the afternoon hours I can’t sit down and write.  

 A buddy offered me a weight bench with a rack the other day for the affordable price of… free!  Thinking it over I admitted to myself I couldn’t pass it up.  It’s a nice gym and for the price why the hell not bring it home?  With my calf muscle out of commission for a bit it wouldn’t hurt to have something else to do for my upper body.  I’m hoping to pick that up in the next couple of days and put it back together in the basement.  Not bad for hunkering down equipment.  

 I started reading a book today called Wastelands.  It’s a collection of short stories about the apocalypse.  Some to the writers are very well known such as Stephen King. Also on my list is Windup Girl, it’s a thick read but a friend recommended it so I know it’s not a waste of time.

 Now it’s time to get back to work.  So to sum everything up: calf muscle is FUBAR and my garden is looking great. Plus I’m getting free stuff!  Why does the world seem better when you work at home?




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