Man powered Mower and a First Year of Corn

 Today in the garden I did a little bit of maintenance and discovered my asparagus is coming up for the spring harvest.  This will be the first year I will be able to eat my own asparagus.  Trimming the grass along the garden I dumped the fresh cuttings into the straw covered walkways I have.  The spaces between my square foot gardening beds are now lined with a few inches of straw since they are too narrow to adequately cut the grass with the push mower.  

 I don’t have the traditional lawn mower that one might expect.  This is the model with the spiraling blades that rotate when the device is pushed.  There is now gasoline involved in this.  Honestly I wish I had no need for a lawnmower at all.  If I could find a way to add more beds, I would.  I would rather grow a lot of food than grass I can’t eat.  That kind of endeavor takes money and time I don’t have.  I wish it wasn’t the case.  If I was really creative I would use all kinds of things to make beds out of.  What I don’t have is the compost to amend the soil or the hours to take care of that many plants.  Granted once they start growing and producing there isn’t much to it.  I’ll have to see if there is anything I can do to increase the space I have to work with.

 Corn sprouted today.  Two shoots are sticking out of the soil.  Once they are a little taller I’ll plant the beans and squash to get the three sisters garden going.  The potatoes have bolted out of the leaves after I helped uncover them.  Green leaves appeared on a few and I have a feeling this will be a better year for potatoes with this new method.  Sadly I don’t have much more to mention.

 While walking to the post office today I notice that my calf muscle wasn’t as sore as it was but the other muscles around my shin were sore from making up for it.  Limping around the neighborhood wasn’t my idea of a good time.  I noticed today that many of the tulips around town have been blooming including one of mine.  The birds have been busy making nest since last week.  Sadly none of them are on my house this year.  



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