Fishing Rage

 It occurred to me today that during a collapse protection is needed even while gather food in ways such as fishing.  Today I went to the lake for two hours and pulled out twelve fish (two of which I tossed back).  The last hour i was there two men came by my spot and set up on the bank about thirty yards away.  As I started to run out of worms I caught the two largest fish, a nice sized Blue Gill and a large Crappie.  While I was pulling the crappie in one of the men looked over at me and blatantly said, “that Motherfucker!”

This was not said in a I’m jealous of that guy kind of way.  He was pissed and it was then I realized he had not pulled anything out of the lake yet.  That sad thing is that I was at his spot for the first thirty minutes and pulled two fish out from there before moving.  

 When I left the bank of the lake and started to walk back to the parking lot it occurred to me that if this was a collapse situation and those men were fishing for food like I was, it wouldn’t be far fetch for a person to go after the guy that has a bucket filled with ten fish.  At that time I had my folding knife on me.  I wasn’t afraid of anybody coming after me.  If it was a collapse the odds are I would of worn my side arm while fishing and they would have been on the other side of the lake.  

 I have heard a few shit talkers while fishing at Asylum Lake.  Mostly they brag about catching fish they never had or make up numbers that are made up and are normally far above the legal limit.  The most uncomfortable situation was when a guy stuck around to talk about his best friend Jesus Christ and tried to convert me to his odd ball version of Christianity.  The whole time he stood behind me and I was afraid he was going to either drown me in the lake or try to baptize me, maybe both.

 Except for my pocket knife weapons are illegal at the lake since it is campus property.  Even women jogging are not allowed to carry pepper spray.  The lake is patrolled by campus police and only once have I ever seen the DNR officer out there.  The DNR officer was taking a poll as to who used the park and how they used it.  That day he marked down my fishing gear on his sheet of paper on the clip board.  If there was a collapse I’m sure that all of those stupid rules would be null and void.  

 Needless to say I made it home safe.  Nobody tried to rob me for my fish.  Instead I ended up with a container in the freezer of fish fillets.  


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