Pacquiao/ Mayweather, a fight that didn’t happen

Pacquiao/ Mayweather, a fight that didn’t happen

By: Matthew Gilman


 A day after the big fight of the century, or so I’m told, the entire thing ended up on Facebook for free. I can’t complain. My favorite bar could not afford to play it and I wasn’t about to pay to watch it. I had already heard who won but what puzzled me was how it could have happened.  

 It’s no surprise I’m not a fan of Mayweather, a wife beating bitch, I can’t support him in any moral/ good sense.  His fighting style is a bad rip off of Mohammed Ali and I can only hope that one day he also writes illegible signatures and stutters while talking.  I came into the fight to see what really happened.  

 To start off the bad thing about American boxing is that they count the first three rounds.  For most boxers the first three rounds is warming up and figuring out how to fight their opponent.  Except for Mike Tyson this was how boxing has always worked. Even in this fight the first three round went in the favor of the favorite asshat who stood to make the most money.  This was the same guy that ran the whole time and threw jabs as he ran like a bitch, Mayweather.   As a former boxer I can explain the two things that Jabs are useful for, measuring distance and setting up a counter offensive.  In every instance a jab was thrown this was not the case. The idea that a jab is a countable power punch is complete bullshit.  Mayweather had no offensive and didn’t take control or lead the fight at all.

 The entire time the fight was being played, the narrators were rooting for Mayweather from the beginning.  Regardless if their argument made sense. In some cases they were praising Mayweather while Pacquiao was landing a straight left to his face and never mentioning it.  In the third round Manny lands a right punch stunning Mayweather and it’s never mentioned by the host.

 Round seven saw the first offense by Floyd only to be glossed over by Manny’s offense at the end of the round that sent Floyd packing.  Round eight saw Floyd hitting below the belt, because he is a bitch, and it was never counted against him.  

 After round eight I saw a lot of running like a high school cross country team and head locks.  If Mayweather wanted to fight in MMA I’m sure they would let him in. there are plenty of guys in the UFC with no talent that are offered championship fights and no record to justify it.  If Floyd wants to grapple there is place for him. In the ring with Manny is not that place.  

 In the end, Manny was robbed, the fight should have been longer.  Over all it was no different from any amateur you could watch on some shitty version of ESPN.  The only exception here was that the two people fighting should have had their fight five years ago except Floyd was being a bitch about it for so long.

 The over all view of the fight was… Manny was on the offensive and Floyd ran… the entire time. Manny landed the more devastating blows… Floyd threw some jabs.  Seriously that was it, Floyd threw some jabs.  Who gives a shit?

 Biggest fight in the century? Call me when Floyd pulls his head out of his ass and shows up for the fight.  Until then I wouldn’t pay the son of a bitch since I saw one person that showed up to the fight and it wasn’t Floyd.

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