Greens, greens, and more greens

 With more greens showing up in the garden, including my first good year of spinach, my daily diet of greens has increased.  The radishes are almost ready to start being picked.  It’s time to bust out some of the old cookbooks and learn how to use everything I get from the garden.  I do mean everything.  

 Radish greens, beet greens, garlic greens, are all edible if you know how to prepare them.  What is the point of losing valuable nutrients if you don’t have to.  Some people talk about starving to death if there was a collapse.  What is sad is the amount of food you are surrounded by and you don’t know because it doesn’t come out of a wrapper.  Dandelion greens have become a regular part of my diet and why not.  The damn things grow everywhere and I already use the flowers for making wine.

 I wish I had the equipment to tap the maple tree in the front yard.  Maple syrup wine is one of my favorite drinks to make.  The ingredients are so simple yet the main source is expensive.  If there was a way to make my own at a lower cost there could be a new drink in town.  

 With the temperature reaching over 80 the last two days plenty of seeds are starting to pop up that have been stubborn before.  Bush beans and pole beans are pushing up in force.  

 The squirrel has systematically destroyed all of the corn I planted so far.  He literally goes in and cuts the stem and runs away.  He doesn’t eat it, he is just being an asshole.  I’m going to have to step up the onslaught of copper that rains down on him.  If he sees me in the window these days he runs.  That, however, does not stop him from coming into the yard.  I’m starting to wonder the legality of using my bow and adding him to the food in the freezer.

 I have been keeping up with my workouts.  I haven’t seen much change yet and I know it takes time.  I want to look better for the book signing coming up in June.  it’s a big day for me for several reasons and I don’t want to be that over weight, creepy looking, writer guy that nobody wants to approach.  I have so much riding on this summer and it scares the shit out of me.  


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