Garden Diet

 I can’t remember the last time we had this much rain this many days in a row.  It has become common to wake up to a heavy downpour.  I’m not going to complain. On the first day my rain barrel was full.  I had to dump a few buckets of water into the plants that are closer to the house.  An hour later the barrel is full again and the runoff goes into the garden a few feet away.  The rain has awoken many of the plants I worried about.  The pole beans are all out of the ground now.  The radishes are almost ready for harvest.  I ate the first harvest of asparagus today and found that it taste far better than anything I’ve had from the store.  Maybe I’m bias but I have to admit that the stalks were more tender and had better color.  

 Today a strange bird appeared in my yard.  A small patch of red on the back of its head and a black triangle on its chest told me it could be a type of woodpecker. It was digging in the ground with it’s beak and spent over an hour in the yard.


 I imagine that this is the type of weather that they have in Seattle, although I have never been to the west coast.  Being stuck in the house has been insightful.  There has been a lot of introspection.  

 My meals have become more consistent with greens and herbs from the garden.  I know I have lost weight and my midsection has become smaller in a few days.  I don’t have a scale so I can’t say by how much the change has happened.  It’s obvious when I look in the mirror.  I have more energy and my body functions better with everyday task.  Before I felt tired, sluggish and clumsy.  

 Lifting weights everyday and spending time in the garden everyday has changed my physic.  I also hit the heavy bag every other day and noticed my punches have changed in speed and power.  I would like to expand my workouts but worry that I might burnout and ruin my progress.  As I start to get more food from the garden I will see how I feel then about doing more but in the mean time fill my schedule with reading and writing .  


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