Reading list and what’s up with me…



 This week I finished reading South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami.  This is a story about a love affair that spans several decades.  There are times that the main character easily spoke out to me, as an only child and a man that is still searching for his purpose at the age of thirty five.  He runs into a girls he knew before high school.  They were in love but he moved away.  Later on the fate of the girl turns into a mystery and the main character is left trying to piece his life back together that he is unsure about.  

 Lately me free time has been turned to Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami.  You may wonder why I keep reading books by this guy?  His characters are real and the dialogue is spot on even with it being translated from Japanese.  I figure if there is anybody I can learn how to develop characters from it’s this guy. Plus I find his use of music in the details of the scene to be impressive.   

 I sometime wonder if life would be easier if I was dumb.  Maybe if I just went along with things and didn’t question my life would be better than it is.  The downside is that if somebody doesn’t question what is going on than how do things change?  And can somebody please tell me why the person that points out what is wrong is punished?  

 Lately I have high hopes for a new job.  The benefits are amazing and the hours might be what I need for a while.  I’m hoping that I’m what they are looking for.  

 Last week I purged my library and got rid of all of the books that I looked at and could honestly say “I will never read that.”  Thirty boxes of books were donated and my library is now something that I can manage.  

 I have to admit there is a sense of depression that has been sinking in with being isolated at home.  Yesterday I volunteered at the library.  When I wasn’t there I was at home sleeping.  I even went out last night to my favorite bar to work on my last book for After the Day.  After two beers I was drowsy and had to get home.  I don’t know if I was coming down with something or not.  I was in bed by 7:30pm and slept until 7 this morning.  I had to force myself out of bed and into the shower.  The last two days I can honestly say I didn’t write anything.  Sure I went through and did some spelling and grammar corrections but that is not the same.  

 The entire time I was “sleeping” my mind was in overdrive.  Dreams with story plots, what ifs, pondering other lives I could have lived, people I should have loved more, people I never should have given so much to, lost time I’ll never get back, how to change my future from here, and the list goes on and on.  There was no rhyme or reason for half of the stuff my brain was working on.  All I knew was that I was exhausted but my brain would not shut down.  

 This morning I now feel like my brain has slowed down and I can function again.  I don’t know what brings on moments like these.  Even at the library I was groggy.  Half away I was going through the motions trying to make sure everything was correct when I rang up totals on the cash machine.  I’m thankful this happened after my interview.  

 My garden is overgrown.  It needs a good weeding but these days have been haunted with rain.  Not that we don’t need the water but getting into the garden when it’s cool and dry has been impossible.  for the first time ever I have been pulling bowls of spinach out and eating it like crazy.  The other greens have bolted and are now going to seed.  The yard has been difficult to keep up with because of all of the rain.  The city posted a notice in the news paper about ticketing locals for grass that is too tall.  

 Currently I am working on book three of the future collapse series.  I have a few things to touch up and add to it.  I’m glad that I let it sit for a while after all of the mistakes I have found so far.  I think this will end up being a good conclusion for the series and a great beginning to new material.  


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