The Issue of Racism in our Political System


 Without a television or radio at home it was hours after the attack in Charleston South Carolina when I found out.  A young white man walked into a church and killed nine black people in order to start a race war.  He admitted he was racist and that was the motive behind his attack.  If there is one thing I can’t wrap my head around it’s the fact that groups like the KKK are still not labeled as a terrorist group.  


 One thing people can not forget is that our political parties support groups like the KKK.  During the 2000 election, just before Bush stole the presidency, the issue of black churches being burned down came to light.  Bush was asked in the south what he would do about these racially motivated attacks.  He was caught on tape saying that they were black and he didn’t care.  Yet we allowed a racist, coke addict, born again retard to be president and the world didn’t notice that every group on the planet that were made up of brown people were placed on a terror list.  The KKK continued to burn down churches during the war on terror and many of their members were allowed to join the military and be trained at how to do it better.  

 A few years ago I worked with a guy that had some truly messed up beliefs.  A Vietnam veteran, this guy told me one day about the blacks having the mark of Cain and how the Jews were the product of Eve and Satan.  I have read crazy shit like this before.  It was then I realized that some of the best fiction is based on our crazy reality.  This guy really believed the bullshit he was talking.  This brings me to another point.  This isn’t just the act of right wing racist groups.  These groups are primarily Christian organizations.  White people that follow the teachings of an Arab/ black man, but hate black people and Arabs.  

 An attack like this happened a few years ago in Norway.  Anders Breivik killed 77 people for the defense of his Christian beliefs.  Which Jesus are these people reading about?  

 There are a lot of similarities between these people and contrary to the media it is not the guns.  If it wasn’t a gun it would be a car bomb, knife attack, or poison.  The problem is the beliefs these people are allowed to pass down because of the religious freedom we have in this country.  The separation of church and state is a necessary clause that should be enforced.  Sadly in our country a large portion of douche bags in public office think that this does not apply to them.  Even Jeb Bush has stated that not allowing a religious group to discriminate is showing a lack of religious tolerance.  When the act of a religion goes against the constitution the religion is committing a crime.  All the constitution is asking is for people not to be assholes, nobody has the right to be an asshole.  

 The media, during the aftermath of this attack, has already started to alter the story.  The attacker, who’s name isn’t worth learning, admitted that his crime was racially motivated and he was a trying to start a race war. End of story. The guy is a terrorist.  Sadly the right wing culture of our country will try to press the matter of mental illness and keep the Christian aspect of this attack out of the press.  None of these people will ever stand up for a Muslim guy and say that “he was brain washed” or “he didn’t really know what he was doing.”  The notion that a suicide bomber has a mental illness will never come up simply because he was a Muslim and was born on the wrong team to begin with.  

 This guy in South Carolina is a terrorist. He is a Christian. He is a racist.  If the black community has anybody to get pissed at after this it is the media, the politicians that have ignored this for decades, and the Christian religion that thinks their shit don’t stink.  

 Any time a group such as the KKK has members repeatedly convicted of violating a person’s civil rights the group itself has to be acknowledged as a terrorist organization.  I don’t care that David Duke ran for president or tried to turn the KKK into a political party.  Does anybody remember the Nazi party in the 1930s?

 America, your shit stinks.  No matter how you try to sell it that steaming pile keeps growing and nobody is buying it.  If politicians really care about black communities, or Americans in general, than groups like the KKK would be labeled as a terrorist group and disbanded.  Anybody in congress who took money from douche bags like this should be thrown out of office for having terrorist ties.  Law enforcement and military who are affiliated with these kinds of groups should be fired without pay or retirement plans.  Religious tolerance doesn’t mean we as a nation should sit back and watch as horribly stupid people go around and kill people because of their fucked up ideas.  

 I would also suggest taxing churches since they don’t appear to do any of the good they claim to.  Jesus said to take care of the poor, love they neighbor, and to treat others as you would like to be treated.  In our country we still have the poor and homeless.  Tax free churches go around the country building mega churches and buying planes for people who steal money from the ignorant public.  They don’t pay taxes, they don’t contribute, and they don’t do any good in the world.  If these organizations were truly doing good and trying to follow the words of Jesus there wouldn’t be a single homeless person in this country.  This is also why I laugh at every politician who claims to have Christian values since they have no idea what the fuck that means.  The political system in this country is just as messed up as the man that walked into that church and shot those nine people.  

 Why is the media trying to turn this story into a mental illness, gun control, and rain washing story?  Because the only thing left is a mirror they have to look into. That young man is a reflection of all the serious problems we have in this country and it starts at the top and I don’t mean Obama.  In a truly free country the public can not tolerate any groups that oppress others.  One group does not have the right to force their beliefs on others.  Religious freedom does not mean anybody has the right to discriminate against others.  If any of these religious groups were following their religions they way they were supposed to than we would not be having these conversations.  Jesus was not an asshole.  

 America, your shit stinks. The good thing is that it can be the fertilizer that turns our country into something better than it is.  Will we allow our nation to grow from something like this?  Probably not since we continue to vote in idiots and the public is not given viable options for government.  Education continues to be cut and we wonder how young men are able to be brain washed into believing the stupid shit this young man does.  

 Two things need to happen.  First, we need to start teaching future generations how to think instead of creating a work force that are unable to find jobs.  Programs like abstinence only sex education need to be abolished.  Funding programs that don’t teach kids about a subject sounds like a waste of money to me.  Funding for public education needs to extend to college and the profit aspect of education needs to be abolished.   

 Second, any group with in the united states that support violent acts against humans are to be labeled as a terrorist group.  This includes groups primarily built up of people other than brown or black skin color, white folks.  This would also include so called churches that preach hate and violence, like the republican party.  If you can’t play nice in the melting pot you will be banned from the playground.

 These problems have been around for a while.  I’m ashamed to live in a country where David Duke was allowed to run for president.  I’m ashamed to live in a country where a confirmed racist was appointed as president by the supreme court, Bush did not win the election.  I’m ashamed that the KKK is still allowed to function in the country under the protection of the federal government.  I’m ashamed that there are poor and homeless in this country while churches don’t pay taxes.  

 America, your shit stinks. Clean it up.  


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