A Glimpse into the Future

 Last weekend I met members of my family for the first time.  While searching for my biological father I found a half sister and she directed me to an aunt and uncle she is close to.   Meeting these people for the first time there was an immediate connection.  I learned about them and myself over the weekend.  Some of the information that was shared was the health history of my dad’s side of the family.  

 I was told about a serious problem with alcoholism, heart problems, and a risk of diabetes.  For those that follow this blog regularly you will remember my concern about alcohol a few weeks ago, especially after my birthday.  I have known for a while that I needed to make some healthy changes in my life.  There was a time, not that long ago, when I worked out regularly and I was physically fit.  I could look back and wonder what happened in order for me to stop that kind of behavior.  I find it more important to remember what I was doing during that time of my life and go back to those habits.  

 Over the weekend I was shown pictures of my biological dad these days and what I saw was an image of myself in twenty years.  It was not flattering and an eye opening image.  The image of alcoholism, heart problems, and diabetes stared me in the face.  I asked around to my friends about gym memberships and was told about Snap Fitness.


 I went to the Snap Fitness on Portage road for the first time on Tuesday.  I quickly learned that 1pm in the afternoon is not part of their office hours and noted the morning hours of 9am-noon.  I went back this morning to find nobody inside even though it was twenty minutes after their office hours had started.  I rang the doorbell three times and heard the chime inside. Nobody came to the door. I was not happy to say the least and decided not to go back since they were unprofessional and turned into a waste of time.  

 Leaving the parking lot I remembered the items I once bought at the store when I was healthier and went shopping.  I have a gym in the basement that I rarely use these days.  I stopped at Meijer and picked up protein powder.  Next stop was Aldi where I bought the healthy snack foods and lean proteins that I was eating a few years ago.  

 One of the reasons I wanted to get a gym membership is because I quickly learned the last two years I can’t run like I used to. After a week or so of running every other day my knees started to hurt and it became a chronic pain.  I was hoping to find a low impact form of cardio but I guess that’s not an option.  


 Once I got home from shopping, and spent less money than a gym membership, I went into the basement and did my old back workout with some bicep curls to finish.  I went in the kitchen, made a protein shake and wrote a bad review on Yelp for Snap Fitness.  More important than a gym membership is the determination to make a change.  Gym or not I decided to be proactive and take care of the fears I have about my future.  

 One of the other tricks I went back to is drinking lemon juice.  Sounds gross but lemon juice stimulates the gall bladder to flush fat from the body. Granted I have only tried it during a time that I was working out regularly but I did see an acceleration in fat loss during those times.  

 This is a part of my life I have missed and need back for more balance and a better me.  

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4 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the Future

  1. ssgmarkcr says:

    Hi Matthew, I’ve really enjoyed your books. On the subject of improving your fitness might I suggest the Army’s physical fitness manual since they have a long history of making new recruits with varying degrees of fitness more physically fit. They have recently developed a new program using mainly inexpensive kettlebells for strength training. There are several apps available which take you through the progressive fitness levels from just starting to maintaining a good level of fitness.


    • matthewgilmanauthor says:

      Thank you for the suggestions. I do own the army fitness manual the only downside is that my knees have met it be known they dont appreciate running anymore. I have been sticking to free weights and body weight exercises. My main problem of the past few years has been the lack of motivation and laziness that has creeped into my life. Thanks again for tge suggestion. Ill have to clear the dust from some of my old fitness books.
      I’m happy to hear you enjoy my books.


      • Ssgmarkcr says:

        My knees have sent me the same message. The army also has alternate events to take the place of the two mile run for the physical fitness test. The alternate events are a 2.5 mile walk, a 6.2 mile bike ride, and I believe a 500 yard swim. I do the walk for my semiannual fitness test.
        On the weight control side, I use a cool app called fitnesspal. This take data from a profile you set up and sets a goal in calorie intake. It also awards you extra calories when you record exercise performed that day. One cool feature is it allows you to scan food into the app and it inputs the nutritional data.
        I have willpower issues in both areas of exercise and diet.
        As for the army manual you own, is it the new one that was published? If you manual begins with the letters FM instead of TC, you have the old one which won’t have the new exercise routines in it.


      • matthewgilmanauthor says:

        Fm of course for the manual. I have been taking the bike out more often but not 6 miles. I need to make a few more changes. For now I have the weights, ill be sure to add cardio soon.


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