Power coffee and early morning weights

 The past few weeks has seen a push in my physical fitness.  The drive I have found has continued and I haven’t missed a day that I didn’t do something.  My training has been mostly weights in my basement.  My knees have made it known that running is no longer an option for a form of cardio.  


 To stay on track I started listening to different podacst that I once subscribed to.  The fat burning man pod cast has been a favorite in the past and has returned to my life once again.  While I can’t say that I agree with every guest on the show I will admit there are a few that have opened my eyes to new things.  For one my coffee consumption has changed in the morning.  After listening to a show about “bullet proof coffee” I looked up the recipe to try it out.  I didn’t order the actual coffee with all of it’s components from the website.  Quite frankly I don’t have money for that.  After reading the recipe there was no reason to do so.

 The recipe was simple. Good quality coffee, grass fed organic butter, coconut oil, and (if one chooses) unsweetened cocoa powder.  Everything goes into a blender and creates a smooth coffee beverage that carries you further through the day.  

 I have been drinking this every morning for the past two weeks and I have to say I get through my workouts quickly and I’m wide awake the majority of the day without any added coffee or stimulants through the day.  

 After I drink my coffee I go into the basement and get my weight training workout out of the way.  My cell phone plays some pod cast in my pants pocket and I finish in 30-45 minutes.  Once my workout is completed I follow up with a protein shake with a banana and half an avocado added.  Topped off with vitamin D milk the shake has a chocolate ice cream flavor to it that can’t be beat.  

 I have already seen a drastic change in my body.  The ability to build muscle has not been difficult.  As I gain muscle mass I can only hope that fat loss later will be easier.  

 One obstacle that I have come across is the amount of energy that my leg days take out of me.  I realize this is one body part that encompasses a large percentage of body mass.  Leg day is also the shortest workout day I have, usually I’m finished in twenty minutes.  Afterwards I drink a protein shake and crash on the couch.  The workout wipes me out even though it is so short.  Who would have thought a few sets of squats and quad extensions would have such an impact.  

 I can tell that I’m getting enough protein in my system since I haven’t had any problems with sore muscles.  The recovery time was always a problem years ago due to low protein consumption.  Sometimes a simple day of arm training would take a week to recover.

 The new routine that I have started with coffee and a morning workout has only been a positive change.  My afternoons of writing has been a pleasant bonus that I want to keep in my life.  

 Previously my experience with coffee has been a love/ hate relationship that ends with me leaving coffee for a bit then returning to start the whole cycle over again.  I can’t tell you what the change has been since there are now three added ingredients to choose from.  At this point I don’t want to tinker around with the recipe to find out what exactly is improving my mornings and feeling.  I simply wanted to keep enjoying the new mental buzz and positive effects I have been getting from this experiment.  

 The only downside of my new routine is the need to purchase more weight for my equipment.  I have topped out most of my equipment already and look forward to buying plates from yard sales and second hand stores from people who are simply too lazy to use it themselves.  There is always a plus to having a second hand market.  

 If anything changes I’ll be sure to post it here.  In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the new ride and keep working on creating new material for fans in waiting

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