I was a prepper, was, as in the past tense form of the word. Over the last couple of years i had become comfortable and lazy in a quest to become secure and self reliant. It’s no surprise really when you become distracted by the world around you and take up new hobbies and interest over time. There have been some new additions to my life that have helped in some ways. I took up kayaking as a new hobby. My mountain bike is more than capable of traveling the 60 miles to Lake Michigan. This all sounds good except for the back yard that has been reclaimed by nature and dwindling food supplies in the basement.

Writing had become my serious past time and with that came the idea that if i could become successful at that, made enough money that i no longer had to worry about finances, then i did well on security, my primary goal as a prepper. That didn’t happen. I currently have 13 books available on Amazon and my income has dropped in the past year to hardly anything. i still write, enter contest, and release new material when i can, but overall my situation hasn’t changed much.

This year has started out different from others. we now have a president that doesn’t understand the workings of the world and wall street has hit record highs for no reason other than how the rich feel about it. I sit back and wait for the bubble to pop. we have seen this before. I could sit back and try to argue with the radio and television about how insane the man is but what good would that do?

So I’m trying something else this year that i was successful with in the past. I’m going back to the homestead life that i lived before and enjoyed. I picked up some bad habits over the years from people who were a bad influence. Fast food was added to my diet for the bullshit excuse of convenience. I stopped working out completely and when i tried to start again in the past months the weight i put on hurt my knees to the point of stopping. that was with light jogs in the morning. recently i learned about intermediate fasting and i have found some success with that. i don’t know how much weight i lost, if any, and found my energy level has increased. granted my current financial situation helped with that but being poor isn’t all bad, i guess.

along with these new changes that have been taking place is this blog. once a week i will be posting on here and giving updates to things that i have been doing, adding, or improving on over time. this week i will be picking out seeds for the garden. if the michigan weather continues the way it has been i will be starting my spring garden next week. just kidding but it was 62 degrees last week, in the middle of January. i will let you know how that goes.