Off Grid and Loving It

I deleted Instagram from my phone a few days ago. With facebook, twitter and instagram now gone I dont receive any notifications anymore.  my dining room is lined with a handful of typewriters, each one a separate place for a different story. The house is quiet, cut off from distraction. I dont need much more than this. My daughter reminds me to take breaks as I work and time has slowed down a bit to let right now sink in and enjoy the moments I have with her. She will grow up one day. The least I can do I show her it is okay to pursue your dream.


2 thoughts on “Off Grid and Loving It

  1. Mark says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t been by much. I’ve been dealing with son’s college drama. You’ll see how that goes one of these days.
    How far off grid have you gone? You can get some nice old radios out there. And I’ve heard some fun radio shows on public radio.
    I never got into twitter or Instagram mainly because the majority of the time I hear it mentioned, it’s someone saying something dumb.
    And since life in the Army removed my filter it seemed wise to avoid it.
    It sounds like your life has slowed to a more comfortable pace.


    • So far I closed my Facebook account, logged off of Twitter, and cancelled my internet at home. I still have a cell phone but only use instagram these days. My Facebook author page is still under my ex girlfriend as the administrator which I cant change (poor life choices). I do listen to a lot of npr these days. The music sucks on other channels and I just want something a little calmer and news that doesnt have a stupid opinion attached to it. I know it sounds counter intuitive to the online publishing world but that is where I was with my first book that sold the best. I still have FB messenger so you can get a hold of me there. Keep in touch.


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