New Year, New Shhhh…stuff

Today is the first of the year and while many people are nursing a hangover, trying to figure out where they parked their car last night, or wondering where the hell they just woke up, I am at home figuring out what direction I want to go in for this year. I’m 39 years old, still work for someone other then myself, and have a daughter who is 1.5 years old. While I’m not hurting for anything and my bills are always paid there is this nagging feeling that I should, if not need, to be doing something else. My job isn’t anything to bitch about, I am paid handsomely for what I do and finally after years of doing the same thing for other people, nearly doubled my income by finding a new employer. The downside to this? Spending the majority of my awake hours doing something I don’t really enjoy.
So where do I go from here? The following is a list of goals/ resolutions I have come up with for the new year. Hopefully they will help me be in a different place in a year from now. The following is in no particular order.
-Buy nothing big and/or expensive
-Save $100 per paycheck
-Pay over the asked for amount on the mortgage payment
-Don’t eat out
-Exercise more/ be more active
-Take Zoey to the park
-publish 3 books with audiobooks included
The list isn’t big or impressive. To me this is the usual stuff that people say they are going to do but never follow through with. I will go through this list one at a time to further explain.
Buy nothing big and/or expensive. While this could be self-explanatory this boils down to not buying a new car, television, house, or even typewriter. For the last week or so I have been seriously considering purchasing a cabin in northern Michigan. Alas I must tell myself that I have to earn it first. As for the typewriter portion of the list, I have been collecting, repairing, and selling typewriters for the past three years. It is finally time to hang up the hobby and move on. I still have 30+ machines to part with and I will be participating in the local antique markets to help find them new homes. I still have a handful that I will keep for myself.
Save $100 per paycheck. If I am going to be smart about this, I would simply change my direct deposit and leave myself with my leftover paycheck to pay my bills. In fact, I will likely do that this week.
Pay over the asked amount on the mortgage payment. I already do this and it is a habit.
Don’t eat out. I don’t want to find out how much I spent buying my lunch at work for the last year. All I have to do is either eat a big meal before work at home or bring my lunch with me. Why is this so difficult?
Exercise more/ be more active. Earlier this year I did Tae Bo every morning for a week. That was the extent of my workout routine for the year. In the spring and summer I would take my daughter on long walks up a local hill to a park. Then the construction started and the entire place was torn up. I am hoping that project will be completed this year. Also, I would like to start riding a bike to work, not a big feet since my place of employment is only a mile away. Oh well, at least I would save on gas for the trip.
Publish 3 books with audiobooks included. That is why I bought the laptop that I am currently writing on. The last time I bought a laptop I made $20,000 I three years. I made some mistakes along the way. I never released audiobooks for one. Editing was lacking. While I can look back and see how bad I did I also know I have learned a lot from those mistakes. Scrivener has been downloaded, Audacity is waiting for me, and Amazon is likely wondering where the hell I went. Life is too short to not do the things you always wanted to do.


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  1. Nice, the way you’ve broken down each goal and laid out the specifics of how you’ll accomplish them. I’m curious why the audiobook companions to the books you plan to publish seem so important, as opposed to simply publishing the books.


    • Audiobooks are a growing market. For some authors they have higher sales of audiobooks than ebooks or print. I recorded five in the past but those files died along with my old computer. It’s also a great way to edit the material before publishing the final version.


      • That’s great to know. Thanks! Do you self-pub? And do you record the audiobooks yourself? I don’t like my voice, but most people likely feel the same way. Agreed on recording, and listening to, yourself reading your book help catch mistakes and things that just aren’t working. Sorry to hear about losing the five audiobooks. Hours worth of work, I know.


      • Good point; I do like hearing authors read their own work. Unless they’re terrible at it, in which case I switch to reading the ebook myself. I’m heading to my fourth MFA residency this week, but will endeavor to remember to look you up on Amazon. My brain will be fried for a while, so we’ll see if I manage it. What’s your genre?


      • Those are all things I enjoy reading, although post-apoc can be tough to take if I’m having a depression downswing. Have you read Hollowland, by Amanda Hocking? That was great. The one about your daughter sounds terrifying. My niece was premature and in NICU for 7 weeks. She’s 6 now, and still has some problems but is mostly doing great. I’m heading to bed. Have a great night.

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