Not Interested

In the last five days I have made an effort to stop listening to the news. I don’t know what that word means anymore. Crime is down and has been going down consistently my entire life. Most of the boogiemen that I grew up with are either dead or have been caught including the Unabomber, Bin Laden, and Charles Manson. I have a good job, especially for living in Michigan. Medicine has improved. Devices I remember seeing on Star Trek now exist in the real world. So, what happened?
Any time, every time I watched the news it was always the same scary crap that made you think the world was coming to an end. Trump is president, the Russians hacked our election, a caravan of desperate people are bringing smallpox and terrorist across the border, school shooting, heroin is cool again, what is the internet doing to our kids, and what people turn to on a slow day, millennials suck. I’m sure I missed a few and I don’t really care, should you? There was a time when the news gave the public information about what was happening in their world so that they could be informed, make informed choices and hopefully live in a better world because of it. Instead the news has become a commodity that is traded and owned by people with an agenda. I could watch the BBC but one thing I noticed is that a lot of their news is pointing out how messed up ours is. Our news is the news.
I asked myself a question, what would happen if is just stopped watching? I would wake up in the morning and watch a five to ten-minute show on YouTube telling me the events of the last day or so. I was strung out and paranoid the rest of the day. It was difficult not to be. The market was crashing or about to crash or was secretly crashing depending on who you asked. We were going to war at any moment. Trump was playing with a big red button on his desk. The number of people on antianxiety medications in this country are at a record high and I understand why. If you want to understand why states are legalizing weed, watch the news. People need a time out from reality, a toke break. If I was a betting man, I would invest in companies that supply munchy food because more people will be buying them in the years to come.
The last couple of days I have selected Not Interested when I see a news story pop up on my YouTube feed. This includes everything from Steve Colbert to CNN. I don’t care who was arrested recently. I already know the world is going to shit because of global warming, I don’t need a constant reminder that people suck. I knew ten years ago that doctors were prescribing narcotics when they didn’t need and now people care. At this point I would be happy with a large stack of books, some hunting and fishing gear, some classical records, and a good pair of boots. Set me up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and let the world be miserable by itself. I’m exhausted of the constant droning of how bad things are and why we should be concerned. I don’t care anymore. Maybe that could be the theme song for my cabin. Throw some Genesis on that pile of records because I think Phil Collins was on to something.