Working with Gen Z

People complain about Millennials all the time, referring to them as lazy and wanting something for nothing. I have seen this behavior from every generation and while it bothers me it isn’t the worse behavior I have come across.
I was informed by a coworker yesterday that someone had gone to human resources about me. I was surprised considering the person who had done this was someone that I respected and had interesting conversations with. I don’t know what the complaint was specifically but I do know that he went to the department where he works and bragged about going to HR because “I can’t stand that guy” and “I don’t want him around me.”
Did he come to me and express this opinion? Did we have a conversation where he told me “hey, I don’t like where you are coming from, could you give me some space?” of course he didn’t. I have run into him outside of work several times. We say “Hi” and go about our day.
If I had to describe him, I would say he’s a young guy, 21, who is intelligent but might have more confidence in himself and his place in the universe than what is healthy for a person that age. And I learned recently that he doesn’t have a pair of balls big enough to make a squirrel feel proud. I learned of this final fact after he went to HR to complain about me. How these people expect to function in a work place setting by running to HR every time their feelings are hurt, I have no idea. Why I bring this up is simple, this isn’t the first time he has done this.
Less than a year ago he had done the same thing to another one of his coworkers. They got into a heated debate about overpopulation and when the other coworker wouldn’t fold or agree with this person they went to HR for harassment. If I can’t win then I will shut them up, became the policy for this person. This is a bitch move that the lowest of the low engage in to shut up the opposition. I don’t plan to ever talk to this person again, after all if we can’t be civil and have an adult conversation then what is the point.
I am the 3rd or 4th person that this person has gone to HR about, using the department as his person enforcement squad. I don’t know why they haven’t picked up on this, they have already lost a few people over the months because they don’t want to work with him. In the words of Jordan Peterson, if a young man asked out 12 girls and was rejected every time than the problem doesn’t lie with the girls, he is the problem.
I don’t know what will become of this. I have been to HR a few times over the years and its usually a face to face where they talk about what happened and they file it away. It comes across as intimidating but leads to nothing. The whole thing is stupid and is a waste of time for everyone but the tiny ego it is trying to feed. I hope people start to pay attention to what is happening because this kind of petty behavior is not going to help anyone in the future work place.


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