Why I’m Voting for Andrew Yang

I have to admit that I rolled my eyes when I read the Joe Rogan episode description with another Democrat running for president. Out of curiosity I decided to spend two hours at work listening to Andrew Yang. For those two hours I waiting to hear something that didn’t make sense, something that would make me hit the stop button and go back to my audiobook, and it didn’t happen. Andrew Yang is the one person who knows what they are talking about, and isn’t a fossil. If there is someone who could point out to the public that Trump hasn’t done what he said he would do it is this man.
Who is Andrew Yang? Born to immigrant parents from Taiwan, Andrew went to law school and quit his profession after five months to explore becoming an entrepreneur. Later he would start a company that helps young people out of college start their own companies in areas that had seen massive job losses over the years such as Detroit.
Years ago, Andrew noticed the rise in automation and went to congressmen to asked what they were planning to do about massive job loss. The response was, “We can’t talk about that.” If government isn’t willing to do anything about it, and if silicone valley is speeding up the creation of self-driving vehicles and warehouses that work on their own then who was going to step up and figure out solutions to these problems? Andrew Yang.
I have a daughter who will be two years old in May. I look at where we are as a society, economy, and where we might be heading. Ten years from now when Zoey comes to me and ask what she should be when she grows up, I will have no idea what to tell her. When I was starting college the question was, what is the job market lacking? I heard many things from nurse, graphic designer, and police officer. While I was in school these jobs were flooded with people who had already graduated leaving people with a degree in their hands and a huge pile of debt to repay. An overabundance of graphic designers led to people working cheap to have jobs and work long insane hours with little to show at the end.
Where does Andrew Yang fit into this? He has two sons that he doesn’t have answers for. When he described the future economy and not knowing what the world will look like for them it was like he had taken the words right out of my head. This was a guy who had the same concerns that I had, the only difference, he could possibly do something about it.
I’m not going to talk about the Freedom Dividend or healthcare for all. When it comes to his policies I would suggest listen to his interviews on Joe Rogan or Sam Harris. Hell, he even makes the Fox news host perk up when he responds with answers they can’t refute. I thought one of them was about to have a panic attack when his only response was “this is socialism” and Yang countered the argument only to hear “that’s wrong.” The old white man had no response, he had been bested by Yang.
The last time that I donated to a political party was the first time Obama ran for office. I was tired of war and wanted something to change. This time around I have to say I’m tired of feeling like there is no future for myself or my daughter. Everyday is the same, life does not get any better. In the words of Jack Nicholson “What if it doesn’t get any better than this. What if this is as good as it gets?” I can’t accept that answer and nobody should settle on that. But hey, we are all different and maybe you like where you are at in your life. Personally, I could do with less bullets flying by my house, cops kicking in the neighbor’s doors, and schools that constantly fail the simplest of test. I’m not saying that Yang has answers for everything, although sometimes it appears that way. What I’m saying is that we can at least put somebody in office who would make a legitimate effort to improve peoples lives and when we see the backlash of a party or certain people who get in his way, vote them the fuck out. I’m tired of old people who grew up with Walter Cronkite on the news and have no idea what life is like today. From my understanding some of these people do not understand what the internet is. There is time for a change. If you want the opposite of Donald Trump or the rest of the republican party and main stream democrats than there really isn’t any other choice, pick the Asian American guy who is good at math, looks at the facts, and makes money in business instead of filing for bankruptcy. Ask yourself, what the hell do we have to lose? Then ask yourself, what is it that we have to gain?


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