The so-called Democratic debate

Even with my policy of not following the news or keeping up with the latest political fiasco I found myself listening to the second democratic debate. Joe Biden sounded like a paranoid patient in a retirement home with the same fake tan of a California body builder. Kamala Harris let her ghetto side out and started to “keep it real” as she attacked her opponents. Andrew Yang’s microphone kept being turned off. Pete received all the attention from NBC like he was on a date from Grinder. Then there was Bernie Sanders standing on a soap box muttering his nonsense like he was at the park hoping for loose change to be thrown into his hat.
The Democratic debate, round two, was as much of a disappointment as I expected it to be. There was the hippie chick that talked about defeating Trump with love, whatever the fuck that means, and Biden wouldn’t know what a gun was if he pulled one out of his ass. The issues were kept on subjects that have been argued about for the last thirty years and have nothing to do with the current state of the country. The party as a whole is a lost cause.
We will end up have another four years of Trump, as incompetent as he is, he has a fan base that will blindly follow him as the country goes over the edge into an abyss, we will not find ourselves out of. The joke four years ago was that ten people running for president as Republicans was too much, a sign they didn’t have anybody qualified for the job and yet one person was able to beat Hillary Clinton out of the bunch. The sad thing is that regardless of who ends up running against trump the party will not come together to vote him out of office. There was nobody on stage worth voting into office. Granted a lot of this is the result of the press running the debate, something that needs to change if there is going to be any real progress in the country. I had to wait on YouTube as the station ran their adds and kept the candidates limited to their responses. Andrew Yang might have had three minutes to talk the entire evening. Meanwhile Biden, Bernie, and Harris were given several minutes apiece. Pete was treated like the stations darling as he spoke in different languages and bragged about his time overseas. The debate, like any political arena, was rigged. Questions were designed to accommodate certain people and others were left out of the discussion. Just like 2016 the party had an agenda to keep certain people from being noticed.
I don’t know where things will go from here. Harris handed Biden his ass and he never realized it fell off. Bernie sounded like a broken record in front of an audience who didn’t know what records are. Pete sounds good but try running a gay man against the Christian right and see how far that will get you. I wanted one person who would tell Trump to “go fuck himself” but that isn’t going to happen with the bunch of impotent morons running for office. There were no answers for immigration. The gun debate is a dead horse they continue to beat. Healthcare is a joke. While they are talking about half of this stuff it becomes obvious that they are disconnected from the country. Trump, for all of his idiotic comments, kept it simple and had a phrase to rally around. The democrats are like the Occupy Wall Street movement, unorganized with a list of hundreds of demands trying to say that all of them are equally important. They are the ADD child that can not accomplish anything because they are too busy moving onto the next thing. The democratic party has nothing to focus on except for Trump and doing that only puts more spotlights on Trump. The left has nothing to offer and if this keeps going the way that it is the country as a whole will have nothing to offer the rest of the world.


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