America, the third world country


I remember when the idea of living in a post-apocalyptic America was something I would dream about or have in my novels. Now that vision is coming true and I don’t know if I should be looking forward to what this future version of the country will look like or wish that things would stay the same. The first coronavirus patient was brought to our local hospital but is has not been announced yet. Most states have closed school, the national guard has been called out to help around the country, and spring break knuckleheads hit the beeches and spread the virus along with any STD they could collect on their nether regions.

I guess we had it coming. The signs were there. SJWs had been left bitching on the internet far too long with nothing important happening to shut them up about pronouns and equality in a capitalist society. The world had it easy until now. Some of us were so bored we made up enemies to feel important and ignored the Utopia we had around us. There was talk of food deserts only to know what that really means when toilet paper started to fly off the shelf. The federal government hadn’t functioned in twenty years but continued to collect their government checks like the welfare queens they are. For the first time since I was first able to vote an election has been pushed aside from the news for something that really matters. It took a virus but finally something came along to show us what was truly important. We learned that above all things, toilet paper is more important than food. Gasoline is cheap if you have nowhere to go. Sports really don’t matter. School and work can be done from home. The economy doesn’t matter if we are all dead. After Deliverance, West Virginia is the last state a virus wants to visit.

History repeats itself again as the servants, those loyal cogs in the economic machine, are thrown to the side as a replaceable part. The first to be fired and disappear from the streets while the country tries to figure out how to contain a virus that already caused so much havoc around the globe. Its always the poor, those that depend on the kindness of others that are slaughtered first. The damage was so bad that the federal government asked the states to not report their numbers this month. In some states the unemployment website crashed.

I bought two more boxes of ammo today and while I looked over the options available, I overheard a conversation at the counter. A man came in trying to buy 9mm ammo but they were gone. He went on about living one town north of the city and how people were going up to houses in the middle of the night and knocking on the door. If someone answered they pretended to beg for money while they were looking for a place to break into. The same thing happened to my mother-in-law wo lives in a different part of the state. I bought the ammo and a few other things and went home. People were looking for houses to break into, there was a confirmed case of Covid-19 at our local hospital and leaving the house had me on the verge of having a panic attack. This would be the last trip I would take for a very long time.


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