It’s Happening


This was a statement made by a friend of mine a few days ago. While it came across as a joke at the time the comment stayed with me. The days pass by and the news only becomes worse making me think “it’s happening.” The “it” being the end of the way things are. Hopefully some good will come out of this even if it is only no longer paying taxes while we roam around the country in a nomadic tribe squabbling over a squirrel that was shot out of a tree. With the lack of management coming out of Washington I can’t think of a good reason why we hand over our money to those incompetent morons anymore.

I keep hearing people say if this goes on any longer our country is permanently screwed. Well, the pentagon has a plan for 18 months and I would have to agree with them. Today a person I follow on Instagram admitted they have it and this is the first person I know that has actually come down with it. There was a theory that it was a hoax, an elaborate ploy to take our rights and make us slaves to the interdimensional lizard people. When you bring in lizard people my first thought goes to Mitch McConnell who isn’t smart enough to think of something like this.

There have been other civilizations that came crumbling down from something like this. Europe was completely reorganized by the black plague. Smallpox wiped out the majority of Native Americans before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock. Jared Diamond discussed this in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel and outlined how one event will lead to a series of others.

I don’t know how this will play out. When the panic will truly set in or what the effects will be. Currently the government is trying to make the public happy by sending checks in the mail that they will later have to pay back with raised taxes that are inevitable. I remember when we had a surplus of cash but we pissed that away acting like scared children of a boogie man that lived in a cave with a dialysis machine. We lost sight of what was important and the people in charge still don’t understand the big picture. There is nothing to rule over if everyone is dead.

There is one truth that I hold dear, you are responsible for your own safety. We built a society where we can call for help and hope they get there in time but the reality is harsh when you have to learn the hard way that sometimes help doesn’t come or its not the help that you expected. Over the last twenty years that truth has been reinforced through hurricane Katrina, Puerto Rico, the 2009 economic collapse, and of course 9-11.

The information that has been given to the public about this disease has been sketchy and sometimes made up at best. What we are told and the response from the government hasn’t matched up along the way. When they talk about panic buying, I hear them complaining about people being responsible for their own safety, as they should be. If the food supply wasn’t something to worry about then shouldn’t there be enough to satisfy the current demand? Even the current guidelines don’t make sense. Restaurants can stay open to hand out food not considering that the employees could be infected. Walmart employees aren’t required to wear protective equipment. The police are now infected in several parts of the country. Hospital workers are now infected and dying because someone felt too strongly about their economic philosophy to mandate the production of ventilators and PPE. Our system is being tested and it is failing miserably. As a society we saw this coming and we did nothing to prevent it because the people we elect choose to react to a situation instead of being proactive to prevent it.

There could be some good things that come out of this. The refusal to work 40 plus hours a week to pay for things we don’t really need. Electing people that have our best interest at heart instead of their own. Planning for the future instead of satisfying our cravings right now. The events I mentioned before didn’t happened around the world, they were isolated incidence that we watched on our televisions but they did not happen to us. This time is different. Everyone is affected and even the young who think they are invincible are seeing that their lives are being turned upside down by an invisible enemy that nobody can control. There was a time when Ronald Reagan said that the one thing that could end the cold war over night was an alien invasion that threatened the entire planet. That day is here and so far, governments are not reacting the way they should and people are dying because of it. A tiny creature is killing people, destroying economies (the only thing these assholes seem to be concerned about), causing the police to be ineffective, side lining the military, closing borders, shutting down businesses, closing schools, and bringing the world to a standstill. We have the equivalent of an alien invasion and we, as individuals, are stuck to handle the burden on our own. Nobody is going to do it for us. Those who still think that this isn’t a big deal will be weeded out and those that do the best they can with what they have will fair better in the end. The herd is being thinned out and those that survive will pave the way for what is to come. Hopefully we make the best of it and create a world that we want instead of the one that has been handed down to us and perverted over time. On a positive note, those social justice warriors won’t be able to complain to a virus about how being sick hurts their feelings.


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