Run Hide Fight, Movie Review

In full disclosure I watched this movie with the fear that my novel Daisy had been stolen, and after watching Run Hide Fight during the online premier I found that is not true. Although I will say there are a few scenes that are really close to what was in my novel I have to ask myself if someone else couldn’t have written that because its just too good of a scene not to have.

The movie follows a teenage girl named Zoey, whose mother died and has a strange relationship with her father who was in “the war.” It’s not clear if it was Iraq or Afghanistan and we never find out. The opening scene is a deer hunt, in the spring, and Zoey finishes off her shot by smashing the skull of the deer with a large rock. Not kidding. The scene is a little overboard but plays into the film later on.

Twenty minutes into the film the active shooter situation starts to happen. A van drives into the cafeteria and somehow the rest of the school has no idea what is happening. This is the part of the film that points out how poorly the public school system has planned out how to respond to an active shooter. The classroom doors are locked, the kids huddle into the corner of the room, and nobody is allowed to leave. Nothing says be an easy victim like collecting into one place, making a large target and not trying to get away. It’s brilliant! (sarcasm for those that don’t understand.)

Zoey is injured early on, shot in the leg, and spends the rest of the film limping from one place to another. The shooters are revealed to be in a polyamorous relationship where the ring leader is involved with another male shooter and his sister. Paranoid Schizophrenia comes into play and the school shooters turn into a stereotype that everyone expects these days.

As the movie moves on there are a few scenes that had me scratching my head. The police don’t secure the scene and Zoey’s dad is running around with a sniper rifle to save his daughter while she is inside taking on the shooters. Cool scene but what the hell. Earlier in the film students are released from the school and are instantly reunited with their parents without the police making sure any of them are shooters trying to escape. Police procedure didn’t come into play but the system of how to handle an active shooter inside the school played a big roll. I have a feeling something was overlooked here.

Overall, Run Hide Fight was a decent film. It goes back to the action films of the 90s and 2000s where you could cheer for the hero and cringe when they were injured. When I wrote Daisy, I had the intend to recreate Die Hard, a hero that can be hurt and is as human as the audience reading the book. Run Hide Fight fulfilled that with a realistic character who is just as fragile as any other human and doesn’t come across as invisible.

Run Hide Fight, for all of its flaws, is a decent action flick that puts the majority of Netflix originals to shame.

Having said that, the downside of the film is not the film but how it is being sold to the public. Produced and distributed by the Daily Wire this is being put out as a conservative film trying to compete against Hollywood’s monopoly on entertainment. Here is a piece of advice to the Daily Wire. Put out good content. Nobody cares if something is created by a conservative director or producer or if the actors are conservative. Just make a good film with a good story and don’t have some stupid message behind the plot like the crap that marvel has been putting out lately. Talking about you Captain Marvel. The one scene in the movie that had a conservative swing was the student that was asked if she believed in god? I recognized this from the Columbine shooting and didn’t even think of it as a message or talking point, I thought it was a reference to history. That caught my attention and didn’t take me out of the film. As someone who remembers the Columbine shooting that dialogue pulled me in.

Run Hide Fight I would recommend to anyone who enjoys action films, a lost art in Hollywood who is too busy pushing agendas instead of trying to create something entertaining. I hope the Daily Wire continues to put movies out I only hope they put a little more thought into somethings in their next films and take care of the loopholes that make you scratch your head and ask how much research they actually did while writing the script. It was easy to see what was important to the writer and what was left out from lack of forethought. With practice comes perfection, keep making movies.


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  1. Mark says:

    I’ll have to put this on my to watch list. Just watched an action film last night starring Jason Momoa on Netflix titled Braven.
    Also highly recommend the film, The Outpost, a dramatic re reaction of a real battle in Afghanistan where two soldiers won the Medal of Honor in the same battle and both survived.

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    • I did watch the outpost. I enjoyed it for keeping things accurate, from my understanding. As a movie it moved along at a strange place but I think it did its job. If you see a different movie called the outpost, about nazi zombies, check it out it’s actually pretty good.

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      • Mark says:

        To get a more historical look at the battle, there is a Netflix series titled Medal of Honor which has an episode for each of the two Medal recipients, Clint Romesha and Ty Carter. It even included video taken by the insurgents during the battle. Romesha also wrote a book titled Red Platoon.

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