Understanding the Great Reset

To understand the great reset, you have to look back to the predecessors that came before. In the early 1990s the United Nations gathered together and put forth a plan to fight climate change and over population. If you have read a Brave New World you can easily picture what it was they decided on. 90% of land would be deemed man free zones, no tourism, no camping, just plants and animals. Then there was the farm land that would supply the food for the cities and then came the cities were most of humanity would spend its days. This kind of life would be highly regulated, the ownership of things is frowned upon and normal relationships like marriage, which encourages procreation, no longer exist. To travel involves a bike and you don’t own a bike because they belong to the community. There is more to this plan but it is the first installment of the vision for the new world order.

There have been different installments that haven’t been that forthcoming until now. The Great Reset is a book by Klaus Schwab who had it released just before the lockdowns of 2020. In it he mapped out a plan for the world to use a disaster like a pandemic to change society as we know it. He envisions a socialist society where people don’t own anything, free market capitalism doesn’t exist, all money is digital, people will have social credit scores, and lockdowns are a permanent feature of life to keep carbon emissions down. This plan started to be pushed after it was revealed COVID-19 was a threat to the world and videos were released discussing the new world that is being worked on. “You will own nothing and be happy.” The 45-minute-long video doesn’t explain anything, there are no details as to what the great reset is. The whole thing plays like an add for a pyramid scheme that someone is trying to sell you.

Currently there are several aspects of the great reset that are being put into play. The elimination of petroleum has started. President Biden put a halt to the Keystone Pipeline and during his campaign run he did state that he would put an end to fossil fuels during his administration. The food supply is moving away from animal protein due to the belief that they cause higher carbon emission and that protein alternatives like soy and insects are better for the planet. Large populations of poultry and swine have been culled in the last year from fear of disease. The lockdowns have started the destruction of small businesses in favor of large corporations that are becoming more dominant in the food supply chain. Bill Gates is now the largest land owner of farm land in the world.

To help further the great reset new ideologies are being forced onto the public in an effort to make “right think” the norm and to stop the questioning of these new policies. BLM and antifa brought identity politics to the news with no repercussions for violating lockdown orders and massive amounts of destruction against private businesses. We also saw discussions against the ownership of private property on liberal news outlets. Free speech is being allowed for certain political beliefs while those with opposing views are labeled hate speech or insurrection. To not follow the great reset is to be an enemy of the state. President Obama set the precedent for what happens to enemy of the state with the drone assassinations of US citizens for possibly being enemies of the state. Due process does not exist for those who are considered dangerous to the general public. In the great reset ideas are weapons and those that don’t fit the agenda are terroristic. Anything opposing this ideology is an enemy of the state and can either be reprogrammed for wrong think or be exterminated. In the United States the Democrats who are now in power in the house, senate, and executive branch have discussed the reprograming of Trump supporters because of the threat they represent to their policies.

The Great Reset is not just one thing, it’s not an economic policy, or social structure, environmental overhaul of land ownership, or the start of a fascist state. It is all of these things. Play along and you might get some scraps, oppose and be destroyed. Let’s keep in mind that the same people who push this agenda are also the biggest emitters of carbon on the planet but the middle to lower class are considered the biggest culprits. We shouldn’t be surprised that the same people who now say they are trying to save the world are the ones most responsible for the state that things are in. The Great Reset, rules for thee but not for me, that is the lesson to be learned here.


8 thoughts on “Understanding the Great Reset

  1. Mark says:

    My personal belief is that while they may try this, they certainly wont succeed. The things that have resulted in the global economy will work against being able to assert such control. Some examples of this lack of control are the ability to buy illegal drugs, firearms outlawed by state government, and people who have entered the country illegally to live and prosper.
    And once it reaches a certain level states will begin to just stop assisting the federal government in accomplishing these goals.I am going to have to get a copy of this book to read up on the plan.


    • The way it has been working in the past is little steps most people don’t notice. Have you seen bike lanes and trails? Roads shut down for pedestrian traffic only. Zoning laws going crazy? Charging stations for cars nobody is driving? It’s that nfs like this being down over time that sound good but gradually swing things over for Agenda 21 and the great reset. Plus there is the new agenda 2030 that I didn’t even touch on.


      • Mark says:

        Seen the bike lanes and trails. Even seen a charging station up my way(solar powered even) Also look at the states, yours and mine for example with sizable number of people refusing to comply with mask mandates.
        Look at California where 25% of gun sales don’t go through the mandated background checks. Eventually people will start asking the modern equivalent of “Who is John Galt”?


      • Man atlas shrugged keeps coming up. The sad thing about the book is that the rich depend on everyone else doing things for them. It’s not the other way around. Did steve jobs ever build a computer? Bill gates stole the simpler layout from apple for his more complicated Windows. John galt will end up being the farmers, welders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers who are fed up with stuff. When those people call it quits, good luck.


  2. Mark says:

    That is my point. The vast majority of things that progressive governments want to control can be accomplished at the level of the individual. For example, current firearm technology is over 100 years old. However the technology for fabricating items from plastics or metals is advancing to the point where individuals are learning to use these tools without having to invest in extensive schooling.
    This means that no matter what the government wants to accomplish in regards to gun control, technology is making those goals unattainable.An excellent example is the Ghostgunner CNC machine which can produce finished rifle and pistol frames from 80% blanks with no real expertise on the part of the owner.
    Government run societies have already been tried in Russia. People starved even with giant farm collectives. And people fed themselves and sold the surplus to others from small family plots.
    The welders, carpenters, etc wont quit working when they get fed up, but just become their own bosses.
    Ever read any fiction by L. Neil Smith?


    • Never heard of him but the titles sound interesting. The problem with russian farming is that they killed the farmers who owned the land because that was seen as high status then handed the farm over to people who didn’t know how to farm. Just like south africa today.


  3. Mark says:

    Smith is a Libertarian science fiction author that has come up with some interesting ideas regarding the free market. I’ve enjoyed his books. The first I came across way back was titled The Probability Broach.

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