Welcome to Biden’s America

The first day that Biden was president of the United States saw riots in Portland and Seattle organized by Antifa and BLM. In Portland a democratic political office had the windows smashed and graffiti spray painted outside the building. The common theme was “fuck Biden”. This is Biden’s America, the one where police use tear gas on free speech protesters. Just kidding.

If there is anything that we should learn from this news, it’s that nothing has changed when it comes to the violent protests, we saw last year. These were the things that Biden promised would disappear along with Trump from the White House. As usual nothing has changed and we have to deal with an administration that bailed out rioters throughout the year and hope they smarten up with their policies.

It doesn’t matter who would have won back in November. These people would be protesting regardless of who sits in the oval office. Antifa is an anarchist group that uses the term Anti-Fascist to disguise their fascist tactics and gains approval from the media and politicians. The useful idiots that thought supporting the democratic party were on their side is quickly learning that they are no longer needed. The guns and power are now in their hands and the power of people in the streets is no longer necessary. One party has the house, senate, and the executive branch. The people who helped put them there are disposable and unless they start to keep their mouth shut and stay home from now on, I suspect they will become the focus of investigations just like the “white supremist” they have been complaining about for the past four years. Grab a bag of popcorn, sit back and relax as you get to watch the tide turn and anyone who is causing trouble regardless of their loyalties disappear from social media and likely the landscape of the land.


From the Cabin

1-21-2021 Vol 1 Issue 3

Politics: Joe Biden is now President. Three executive orders have been signed. One requires the mandatory wearing of mask on federal property. Another stopped the production of the Keystone pipeline from Canada and immediately resulted in the filing of a lawsuit against the federal government by the Canadian government.

During his last days in office Trump failed to signed pardons for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. This decision came after Mitch McConnell told the president’s office that if a pardon was given to these individuals the senate would vote in favor of an impeachment against Trump after he was out of office.

Economics: Officially, for 2020, there was a 70% increase in the creation of money in the united states by the federal reserve. The dollar has currently lost somewhere between 15-20% of its value and the biggest sign of inflation so far is the cost of electronics that has dramatically risen in the previous months. On Amazon.com a $600 notebook had gone to $750 in the span of a week.

 Gold: $1,869.40 troy ounce

Silver: $25.98 troy ounce

Platinum: $1,132.40 troy ounce

Copper: $3.65 pound

Bitcoin: $32,650

US National Debt: $27,818,168,000,000

Debt per citizen: $84,044

Food: Seed companies have repeatedly shut down their websites due to the increased demand for seeds in the coming year. Many companies like Burpee have closed the order sections until they were able to find new suppliers to meet demand.

Self-defense: In a recent interview with the former chief of the CIA, John Brennan, it was stated that the new Biden administration is working to start mass surveillance on people they determine to be dangerous to the public. This list included white supremist, racists, bigots, libertarians, and Trump supporters. This focus is based on the belief that white terrorists are the biggest threat against the country.

Around the same time Katie Couric was a guest of Bill Maher, asking the question how Trump supporters were going to be reprogrammed into society?

Editorial: Planning the year 2021

There is no telling what 2021 will bring but considering where we were a year ago today, not knowing about lockdowns and small businesses being pushed to the curb, it is in our best interest to plan ahead for what might be coming our way. Back in march of 2020 I knew that one of the side effects of a pandemic is a shortage of food. I already had a seed bank and had learned how to grow an urban garden years before. Hunting is still a mystery to me depending on the animal. Squirrels, turkey, rabbit, and quail are fair game. Deer have taunted me for years. I have studied organic farming of which there are several styles. At the beginning of the lock down I made a run to tractor supply and bought 6 chickens. The homestead is coming along. Spring will be a busy time, building beds for the first time, plowing rows by hand, and fighting the deer who will be treating my garden like a feast. These are the things I am focusing on. This is the plan I am setting in motion. I would encourage anyone who is able to do something similar to do the same thing. Grow for yourself and your friends and family. Trade with neighbors. Learn to be a human again.


Ending the push for Civil War

A dozen members of the national guard have been relieved of duty while stationed in Washington DC to protect the capital during the inauguration. Some were removed for supporting Trump, the current president of the united states as I write this, others for posting pictures of Gadsden flag and symbol of the revolutionary war that created this country.

The paranoia coming from the incoming administration shows several things about people we are going to have in charge for the next four years. The people pushing this agenda of alienating the people we depend on for the protection of our country have no understanding what is like to be in a uniform. The military is a tribe, a band of brothers that, even with all of their differences, will come together when it is needed. When bullets start flying the only concern these people have is that the guy next to them is shooting in the same direction. Everyone wants to go home at the end and what they know is that even if they are killed, they know the guys around them will make sure they still go home. Now we see a vetting process that could cause a divide in our own military. There are two things that could come out of this, either the military is divided amongst itself or they start to turn on the same people who are trying to divide it.

Demoralizing the military is a psi-op that will likely backfire. What is expected is that soldiers will rat out other soldiers in an effort to protect themselves. Once the rat is found the rest will turn on him and then the process never ends. Even if that doesn’t happen knowing in the back of your mind that you could be relieved of duty for saying or posting the wrong thing on a social media app brings a level of paranoia that will drive people from that profession.

What we are seeing has happened before with the East German Stasi during the cold war. People were criticized for their ideas and would disappear never to be seen again. One can only imagine what the Stasi would have been like if they had cell phones to track and social media to monitor. For a clear example of what this would look like take a look at China with face identification software that can ID someone even while wearing a mask. The social credit score can change if something is said, and wrong action is taken, or you just don’t like the current government which is always the same government. The concentration camps holding the Uyghur Muslims to be sterilized and re-educated only to never be released from prison. Millions of people disappeared in East German during the cold war. Some made it across the border into West Germany but that doesn’t explain how the majority of people worked with the Stasi to turn in their own neighbors and family to make sure they did not one day disappear.

With this process starting with the military the 1% that is swore to protect the country is being mentally beaten down in an effort to make sure they will follow all orders coming in from the new administration. I can only hope that the desire to stand up against an unjust authority will cause these people to refuse orders defending the country from the real threat, ourselves.


From the Cabin

1-19-2021 Vol 1 Issue 2

Politics: Only a few days before the presidential election in Washington DC the FBI is now trying to vet the 25,000 national guard troops stationed in DC. Fear has risen that a person or group within the national guard might try to commit a terrorist attack during the election. While vetting FBI agents during the hiring process is a long and involved investigation, the current vetting is based on the loyalty towards the current president Donald Trump.

The House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Trump a second time. He is currently the only president to be impeached twice. The senate has not voted for the impeachment yet and if it passes the hearing will be scheduled for after the inauguration to keep Trump from running for president again in 2024.

Economics: A run on freezers for food storage has increased the price for copper to $10,000 a ton, a sharp spike from previously lower prices. Fear of food shortages are raising the demand for food storage abilities in the United States.

Gold: $1840.20 troy ounce

Silver: $25.26 troy ounce

Platinum: $1,091.20 troy ounce

Copper: $3.60 Pound

US National Debt $27,810,170,000,000

Debt per citizen: $84,025

 Food: Post Brexit UK is not seeing food disappearing from super market shelves as the importing of goods has been shut down from Europe and other parts of the world due to Covid-19. During 2020 the UK shut down several farms from Covid-19 infections limiting the production of food throughout the country. During a normal year the island country of the United Kingdom can produce for 10 million people. The current population is 66.65 million. Without food being imported the UK will run out of any food within a few weeks.

Chaos and Riots have broken out in China from the rising cost and limited supply of food. The Chinese government have tripled their import of Corn from the US, going from 7m tonnes to 22 m tonnes by the end of 2020. The higher price of rice has made things difficult for the Chinese as well since the cost of a freighter has doubled and when rice is ordered from other countries it takes 3-4 months for the order to arrive.

The import and export of good have been halted for many countries. Russia shut down the export of all grains raising the prices on the world market. The hopes of food joining the market from South America were crushed after a season long drought from a La Nina that kept rain from falling on the fields.

While commodities prices around the world have risen, they have remained the same in the US while China buys whatever is available on the market. Only after the Department of Agriculture released information that Soy numbers were much lower that they originally anticipated the price of soy did not rise a substantial amount.

Due to the coming shortage of food in China the government has implemented food waste laws punishing people with huge fines for buying too much food or throwing away any food. Dumpsters are under the surveillance of cameras and keep track of who is throwing items away and how much. Face identification software is being used for the documentation of who is throwing away food.

Self-defense: Many states at the moment are starting the year with new gun bills being brought before local governments. Texas has 16 bills, ranging from Castle Doctrine changes to the limited size of magazines. New York state is trying to make it illegal for citizens to own bullet proof vests. On the agenda for the Biden administration is making the online sale of ammo illegal and the banning of firearms. As Kamala Harris said during a presidential debate, “I don’t understand why we can’t do this through Executive order.” Biden did reply, “it’s because we have a constitution.” But this doesn’t mean it will actually be followed during his administration.

In Germany, the government is building detention centers, camps, for people who violate the Covid-19 lockdown orders. If someone has violated the current orders dictated by the state they will be arrested and taken to these centers. It isn’t clear if this is to quarantine the individual for 2 weeks to see if they are infected or to re-educate the individual to follow the rules.

Editorial: While starting this newsletter I have gone back into my library and pulled out a few documentaries about collapse. There is the informative book by Jared Diamond that does a great job of outlining how societies collapse. Then I re-read Michael Ruppert’s book Collapse.

Years later, it’s obvious that Ruppert was ahead of his time, knowing what was to come. Back then I thought there was a chance to change things and maybe prevent what was to come. These days I accept where things are going and try to do little things to make sure myself and my family can learn to adapt and get through this.

At the local dollar store I found a rack of vegetable seeds, 4 for $1. I picked up several packs and added them to the seed bank I have accumulated over the years. A local discount food outlet had boxes of MREs for $12. I bought 6 boxes and stored them away just in case. Plans are coming along for the remodeling and repairs for the root cellar attached to the house. Compost bins slowly fill up over the winter months to create top soil for the garden to come.

When you grow to accept that there is nothing you can do to change what is happening all over the world there is some comfort in taking command of your own journey and trying to make it as pain free as possible. When pain does come your way learn from it the best you can.

-Matthew Gilman



The Bangor Shuffle now available!

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From the Cabin

1-16-2021 Vol 1 Issue 1

Politics: 20,000 National Guard troops are currently stationed in Washington D.C. Fliers were posted online threatening an armed demonstration in every state capital and the national capital. Most conservative new outlets have considered these fliers as fake pointing out that they do not include anything patriotic like the American flag. No group or organization has claimed these fliers.

Economics: In the last year 66% of US dollars in circulation were created. Because of Covid-19 and the small numbers of people working, the amount in taxes collected by the Federal government was small enough to print off more money through the Federal Reserve. The value of the dollar in a regular savings account has been decreased by 10% and that number will continue to rise. After the recent budget deal signed at 2.3 trillion dollars the national debt creeps towards 30 trillion dollars, raising the debt for the average American to $83,997 when the debt needs to be paid back to the Federal Reserve.

Bitcoin: $37,098.80

Gold: $1827.70 /troy ounce

Silver: $24.83 /troy ounce

Platinum: $1078.70 /troy ounce

Copper: $3.60 /pound

US national debt: 27,798,000,000,000

Food: By the end of 2020 Bill Gates, computer nerd extrodinaire, became the largest land owner of farm land in the United States. Bill and Melinda gates acquired land in more than a dozen states but the majority of the land is found in Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arizona, and Washington state. For the past two years Bill Gates has invested in Vaccine research and if this is any indication as to what is to come Gates appears to be preparing for rough times in the food industry.

The FDA corrected their numbers on the amount of soy beans currently stored away in the United States. While the numbers are far lower than they were originally estimated this did not stop the sales of soy to other countries like China. The US has banned the import of soy from Brazil due to the de forestation of the rain forest and China is now buying whatever is available while south America sees one of the worse droughts in their history. US soy numbers were impacted by the 2019 heavy rain that prevented farmers from planting and kept crop numbers low. Soy is one of the key ingredients in feed for animal protein production.

Self-defense: Michigan recently banned the open carry of firearms at the state capital in Lansing. This comes after anti-lockdown protesters occupied the capital building for a day in 2020. There was no violence, no damage to the building. The recent protest in Washington DC helped push this bill forward after and unarmed group stormed the Capital building on January 6, 2021.

In New York State, Assemblyman Jacobson introduced bill A 353 banning the ownership of bulletproof vest by law abiding citizens. If the bill is to take affect it gives owners of bullet proof vest 15 days to turn them in to police. New York city has some of the strongest gun laws in the country and currently one of the highest rising numbers of shootings in the country rising 95% in 2020.

Editorial:This first issue of From the Cabin is dedicated to Michael Ruppert. Best known for his publication From the Wilderness, I came across Ruppert in the film Collapse. When the events of 2020 start to unfold, I thought about that documentary and what Ruppert had said about the collapse of society. Ruppert committed suicide in 2014 and while people can speculate as to the reason why he did it I suspect that maybe he didn’t want to see what was coming our way. Ruppert had a talent for not sugar coating anything and telling it how it is. When you are on the Titanic you can start building rafts, ignore the sinking ship, or panic while not helping build rafts. The earth is the Titanic and I like to help people build their own rafts for what is to come.


Run Hide Fight, Movie Review

In full disclosure I watched this movie with the fear that my novel Daisy had been stolen, and after watching Run Hide Fight during the online premier I found that is not true. Although I will say there are a few scenes that are really close to what was in my novel I have to ask myself if someone else couldn’t have written that because its just too good of a scene not to have.

The movie follows a teenage girl named Zoey, whose mother died and has a strange relationship with her father who was in “the war.” It’s not clear if it was Iraq or Afghanistan and we never find out. The opening scene is a deer hunt, in the spring, and Zoey finishes off her shot by smashing the skull of the deer with a large rock. Not kidding. The scene is a little overboard but plays into the film later on.

Twenty minutes into the film the active shooter situation starts to happen. A van drives into the cafeteria and somehow the rest of the school has no idea what is happening. This is the part of the film that points out how poorly the public school system has planned out how to respond to an active shooter. The classroom doors are locked, the kids huddle into the corner of the room, and nobody is allowed to leave. Nothing says be an easy victim like collecting into one place, making a large target and not trying to get away. It’s brilliant! (sarcasm for those that don’t understand.)

Zoey is injured early on, shot in the leg, and spends the rest of the film limping from one place to another. The shooters are revealed to be in a polyamorous relationship where the ring leader is involved with another male shooter and his sister. Paranoid Schizophrenia comes into play and the school shooters turn into a stereotype that everyone expects these days.

As the movie moves on there are a few scenes that had me scratching my head. The police don’t secure the scene and Zoey’s dad is running around with a sniper rifle to save his daughter while she is inside taking on the shooters. Cool scene but what the hell. Earlier in the film students are released from the school and are instantly reunited with their parents without the police making sure any of them are shooters trying to escape. Police procedure didn’t come into play but the system of how to handle an active shooter inside the school played a big roll. I have a feeling something was overlooked here.

Overall, Run Hide Fight was a decent film. It goes back to the action films of the 90s and 2000s where you could cheer for the hero and cringe when they were injured. When I wrote Daisy, I had the intend to recreate Die Hard, a hero that can be hurt and is as human as the audience reading the book. Run Hide Fight fulfilled that with a realistic character who is just as fragile as any other human and doesn’t come across as invisible.

Run Hide Fight, for all of its flaws, is a decent action flick that puts the majority of Netflix originals to shame.

Having said that, the downside of the film is not the film but how it is being sold to the public. Produced and distributed by the Daily Wire this is being put out as a conservative film trying to compete against Hollywood’s monopoly on entertainment. Here is a piece of advice to the Daily Wire. Put out good content. Nobody cares if something is created by a conservative director or producer or if the actors are conservative. Just make a good film with a good story and don’t have some stupid message behind the plot like the crap that marvel has been putting out lately. Talking about you Captain Marvel. The one scene in the movie that had a conservative swing was the student that was asked if she believed in god? I recognized this from the Columbine shooting and didn’t even think of it as a message or talking point, I thought it was a reference to history. That caught my attention and didn’t take me out of the film. As someone who remembers the Columbine shooting that dialogue pulled me in.

Run Hide Fight I would recommend to anyone who enjoys action films, a lost art in Hollywood who is too busy pushing agendas instead of trying to create something entertaining. I hope the Daily Wire continues to put movies out I only hope they put a little more thought into somethings in their next films and take care of the loopholes that make you scratch your head and ask how much research they actually did while writing the script. It was easy to see what was important to the writer and what was left out from lack of forethought. With practice comes perfection, keep making movies.