Homefront: a story of the future collapse

I recently received an email from a company called Webnovel who was interested in my book Homefront: a story of the future collapse. I had never heard of this company before and decided to do some research as to what they were selling. Webnovel is a Chinese based company that specializes is serialized books, expecting authors to write 1500 words a day to be paid $200 a month. they buy the rights to these works and the author is unable to publish on other platforms. doesn’t exactly sound like a good deal.

the funny part about this story is that the novel they enquired about has the Chinese military as the villains, invading the west coast of the country a year after an EMP took out the power grid and left the population helpless in fighting off an invading army. Or so they thought. I don’t know what the intent of this email was or if they even knew anything about the book. worse case scenario is that they were trying to buy the rights so that the book could be shelved and never seen again. after all the last version of Red Dawn that was created had the Chinese replaced with North Koreans after the film had already been shot. Nothing would surprise me these days. you can still find copies of Homefront on Amazon, until the Chinese tell Bezos otherwise. click on the link for a free sample.


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