2 thoughts on “Killing Americans with drone strikes.

  1. mark45acp says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is that this would be a flagrant violation of the Posse Comitatus Act and soldiers should consider such operations in the US to be illegal and refuse to comply. Keep in mind that drone attacks in Pakistan resulted in the military’s supply line through that country to be interrupted.
    If this were to be tried inside the US, there would be massive violent protests. You’ve seen the riots caused by the police killing a single black man? What do you think will happen when the government shoots a guided missile carrying 40 lbs of high explosive into a residential area?
    We were able to continue operations in Afghanistan because our logistical tail was safe in the US. What happens when you attack the people who ARE your logistical tail?

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    • My concern about this being a reality is the domination of Media, Social Media, and the lefts ability to tell a narrative that people believe. as for Posse Comitatus, the people in charge don’t remember what happened last week or a law created after the Civil War. They appear to think they are above the Constitution and think they can rewrite things to suit their agenda. I have no faith in these people, plus, thanks to the New York Times article we know that BLM riots were orcastrated as part of the democratic campaign.


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