Burry is back

Michael Burry is back on Twitter after he received a visit by the SEC and he shut down his Twitter account. So far there is only one Tweet and there are clues as to what he is thinking with his new profile and the hashtags listed. Burry believes that the bubble of all bubbles is about to burst and this is caused by everything from Covid lockdowns, out of control money printing, and massive inflation. The housing market is back to 2008 levels with over priced mortgages being bought up by private corporations and foreign interest. Burry continues to sound the alarm knowing that he is being watched. The man who earned over 100 million from the 2008 housing bubble is now betting against Tesla and other companies that are viewed as safe. If I had to place my trust between Burry and the federal government I would side with Burry. One prints money to prove they are right, while the other puts their money where their beliefs are. It should be obvious to everyone at this point that the system is going to start crashing down, it already is, and just like 2008 we are in the phase where the crew of the titanic are telling us everything is fine and please stay away from the lifeboats, as their friends and family load up to row off into the ocean.