Shut In, Religious or Covid relate?

Last night I watched the premier of Shut In, produced and released by The Daily Wire. While the crew at the Daily Wire tried to say that there was a religious message behind the movie I had to wonder, was this more of a commentary on Covid and lockdowns?

The movie is about a former junkie living at her dead mother’s farm house with two kids. The older daughter is about four years old and the boy is still a baby. Plumbing leaks, the apple trees in the orchard produce rotten fruit, and the porch is buckled by warped unrepaired wood. Unable to find a job she is planning to leave when the father of her children shows up with his pedophile friend looking for money. He’s pissed that she was clean and locks her into a room with a bag of meth trying to turn her back into the woman he knew before. He seals the door by nailing 2x4s across it and she is shut in an old food pantry.

The next day the pedophile friend returns wanting some form of payment on money he is owed by the kids’ father. The woman has to try to defend her kids while locked in a room and trying to escape.

How is this about Covid? The woman is told to stay in a room, by force, and is not allowed out until she complies by taking the drug offered to her. Hell, its even free. Sound familiar? Meanwhile some stranger is in the house with her kids that she knows is not good for them. The man even confirms he’s a pedophile while trying to say there is nothing wrong with it. The teacher’s unions would hire this guy in a heartbeat.

The woman eventually escapes only to have her ex show up and continues to try forcing her to take the drug she doesn’t want. The moral of the story. You don’t have to take something just because people say you need to. Plus, she learns that she can take care of herself by practicing self-reliance by being an entrepreneur.  She studies the old ways and learns that she can make a living from the land, something city people would not understand.

Is there a religious aspect to the movie, I would argue, not really. There is a crucifix and bible that show up but the real lesson there is about saving money for the future event if it isn’t yours.

There were a few other things I picked up while watching this. As the second movie distributed by the Daily Wire they have a pattern of using female role models. I don’t know if this is by chance considering they bought this script during Covid, but after seeing a preview of Terror on the Prairie, a hardcore version of Little House, it would appear that the Daily wire is set on continuing the path of strong female role models. I’m not apposed to this. As the father of two young girls I would like them to see that they can thrive in a world run by men. Especially when those men turn out to be shitty sometimes. There was also a preview for a movie that I could only describe as mid 1970s Wes Anderson with a hint of Peacemaker.

I’m excited to see what the Daily Wire will produce in the future considering the bullshit that Hollywood continues to poop out. These days turning on Netflix is a complete waste of time and the only thing these streaming sites have going for them now is carrying great movies from twenty years ago that I HAVE ALREADY SEEN. HBO is doing better but I hope the Daily Wire continues on their path and sticks with making good content without shoving some shitty ideology down our throats.