Collapse Report June 18, 2022

Regular gasoline in Cadillac Michigan is currently $4.98 a gallon, one week ago it peaked at $5.19.

Travel and traffic overall is down. Local gas station Beacon and Bridge is completely out of gasoline today with all pumps shut down and motorcycle travelers stranded until gas could be brought to them from another station.

Many local people who live around the lakes are trying to sell their vintage cars.

Local production and manufacturing is up with companies shipping parts and materials via ground and air. Vacation traffic is noticeably lower from last summer with camp grounds seeing a decrease in visitors. One customer told the park I work for that he would have canceled his weekend trip if he could have received a refund. $180 spent on gas to haul the camper not including the cost of the lot, pass, and additional fees at the park.

Local county governments are panicking about their budgets with a decrease in revenue and increase in cost affecting their fuel budgets. There is also a problem with finding drivers for the coming winter season with not enough drivers for plows.

Peanut butter had disappeared from the shelves of the local Walmart, Dollar General, and Meijer stores. Regular cheap spaghetti is nowhere to be found; however other pasta is still available. Spaghetti disappeared from the local Amish store with other options still available. In northern Michigan if you enjoy Asian food ramen and other alternatives are easy to find and super cheap compared to other Italian options.

Butter at the Amish store has gone from $2.00 for four sticks to $2.99. Grain free dog food is still $20 for a 40-pound bag.

The local Dollar General is having difficulty with cold items being delivered. One truck stopped by to deliver Hotdogs but didn’t have milk or eggs for the store.

Local Amish have raised their price for butchering meat chickens from $2 to $3 per bird.

Farm and Home cut their chick sales short this year. Last week was the last chance for most meat birds and egg layers. I bought the last ducks they had available. Today they had 20 meat birds that were already sold and guinea hens that were on hold for two buyers. Rabbits still available. Chicken feed, layer crumbles went from $9.99 last year to $12.99. all fruit trees sold out in the first week they were available.

Flour, sugar, corn meal is still readily available and at low prices.

Local farming appears to be normal. Fertilizing is done via manure spreading from the local dairy farms. Corn is planted as normal and the first harvest of hay is currently taking place.

There has been an increase in “Fed” activity with gun smiths and other firearm professionals in the area. They tend to be obvious and are horrible at hiding their real agenda with they come to visit. Questions are related to political beliefs and opinions are the government.