Alex Jones and the case of the missing first amendment

Alex Jones and the case of the missing first amendment

While attacking Alex Jones for comments made on his show almost a decade ago, the courts may have opened the door to the end of mass media as we know it. Looking back, Jones didn’t break the law. As a news outlet he pointed out the inconsistancies with police reports, aspects of the investigation that were never followed up, the immediate demolition of the crime scene, the immediate attack on the second amendment, the photo opportunities politicians made with the victim’s families, and that fact that the government had done this before. Jones has a history of telling events how they happened and predicted events like 9-11 before they took place. Sandy hook was a horrible events but the politicians tried to turn it into a life altering event for law abiding citizens across the country.

If we step back and look at all of the lies the media has old us over the past two years most media outlets will be out of business just from the number of lawsuits they would be paying for. Vaccines are safe and effective, Covid coming from a Chinese lab is a conspiracy theory, 14 days to flatten the curve, the most secure election, EVER!. The list goes on and on but now their lies are to the point that four cops were just arrested for the death of Brianna Taylor. The Media lies to you and says she was an innocent women who worked as an EMT. What they fail to mention is that she hadn’t worked as an EMT for a period of time before the shooting, a car rented in her name was discovered with a body in the trunk, video footage of packages filled with illegal narcotics were being delivered to her apartment, there were two separate warrants for Brianna and her boyfriend, witnesses testified that the police identified themselves at the door, and the boyfriend shot first injuring an officer before they fired back. When you know a handful of the facts the perspective of the situation can change drastically.

Something to consider with what is happening to the mainstream media is that Obama signed an NDAA that legalized the use of media for government propaganda. If we have seen anything over the past two years it is a lot of propaganda coming straight out of Washington. Fiery but mostly peaceful protest, untested yet safe and effective vaccines, Trump is a Russian asset, the 2020 election wasn’t rigged. Looking back it can be easy to spot the stories that were completely fabricated. The best are the ones where they yell the loudest while not providing any proof of their story, like the recent death of the most wanted man from Al Qaeda who had already been declared dead twice! Perhaps Biden is trying the old, kill a terrorist trick to win some favor with the public. I don’t believe that Biden had this man killed any more than we hunted down and killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. If anything, it was a convienent way to hand over an experimental military stealth helicopter while securing a re-election.

Jones was a testing ground for taking out alternative media, like this platform, by declaring statements and coverage as false and pushing legal action to remove them from the internet. As long as you are a state run organization that plays ball with the Democratic party you are safe, sort of. The major news outlets spent a good portion of 2020 not only telling the false narrative of what happened in events between police and suspects but encouraged the riots and destruction that resulted with 2 billion dollars in insurance claims, two dozen deaths, and the end of hundreds of businesses due to looting or arson. The death and destruction that was experienced that year is the fault of main stream media that pushed lies and sought to redefine the first amendment for the sake of their own agenda. But let’s not forget that when people protested the lockdowns, instead of BLM, the first amendment did not apply to them.  The harm that one man may have caused to the families of the Sandy Hook victims are nothing compared to the damage that was caused by main stream media in 2020. Let us never forget this.