DHS joins FBI as a domestic terrorist group.

I don’t know if the Department of Homeland Security was feeling left out or if they always had these feelings but Project Veritas received another leaked memo that was labeling Americans as terrorist.

This memo was released after the raid on President Trump’s home and tries to label people who do not agree with the 2020 election results or think that the raid on Mara-la-go was a political attack on the former president as domestic terrorist. they use terms like DVE or Domestic Violent Extremist in an effort to label “others” in a way to make them sound like a threat to the public. This is no different than the Nazis calling the Jews “rats.”

There is talk about a civil war in our near future and things like this are only speeding it up. With two of the most useless federal agencies spreading this word vomit it is no wonder that half of the country doesn’t trust the federal government, the current administration, or law enforcement. When you don’t arrest people for rioting, killing, or burning down cities but arrest an old lady for trying to sell things from her store online, you are not saving lives you are a problem.

The FBI had their own leaked documents recently.

These memos are a cause for concern considering that many of these flags, images and symbols are used by politicians in office and actual patriots who have protected or currently protect this country. There is an agenda here and it is obvious that these agencies are not here to protect the country or the constitution they swore an oath to. The United Nations, World Economic Forum, and Chinese Communist Party have infiltrated every aspect of our government and that includes law enforcement that now swear allegiance to the Democratic party. If the FBI and DHS were really concerned about finding domestic terrorist they need only look into a mirror.