Instagram’s attack on the first amendment

For several weeks now I have had post on Instagram flagged as misinformation and either deleted by the platform or labeled as misinformation. Much of this information is either satire or political parody. The latest was a photo series of the warrant used to raid the home of president Trump at mara la go. The warrant is a matter of public record but having it on Instagram violated their policies but they did not state which one. A previous photo was a joke regarding the federal judge with ties to Jeffery Epstein having a foot massage from Ghislaine Maxwell. The photo was obviously photoshopped but it was labeled “misinformation” because it was photoshopped. This brings me to the biggest question of all, at what point does Instagram remove photos that are filtered and cause mental harm to young women who have seen an increase in suicide since the beginning of social media. The butt model photos and modeling photos that receive millions of views while they are “fake” cause more harm than a doctored photo of a shady judge and a child molesting pedophile. The weird thing is that Instagram doesn’t care. It is more important that nobody sees an obviously fake photo and wonder about the relationship between a judge and Epstein than protecting people from self-harm due to filters provided by Instagram.

This makes me wonder, and I did a little experiment tonight. I went off of Instagram for a week and discovered when I logged back in that I had a photo deleted from my profile. It was the Warrant that I had posted the day it was released to the public. I had stocked up on “questionable” memes and salty material over the week and I posted them all. I wanted to see what would be flagged, taken down, or give me the usual warning that I could not participate in some marketing bullshit with Instagram, oh darn. In less than an hour I had labels added to a picture of OJ’s bronco with the joke being the IRS chasing me after having $10 send to me via Square app.

The second photo that was “missing context” was an oldy but a goody. Prince Andrew with his underage child prostitute and Ghislaine Maxwell smiling in the background. Andrew is the IRS; the girl is the American people and Maxwell is the inflation reduction act. Yes, the American people are being fucked and you are not supposed to know about it.

Not only does Instagram promote self-harm to young women everyday without a care in the world but they also desire to keep people ill informed on what is going on in the world around them. Memes are a powerful outlet and they know it. Being a platform that disperses memes on a large scale where they can easily be shared with millions of people means that information that is not desired needs to be censored. Or so they think. I would not be surprised if the material that has been suppressed by Instagram recently was done so at the request of the white house. Alex Berenson has already released proof that this happened to his account on Twitter and no only was it reinstated but he now has a lawsuit against the white house for violating the first amendment.

I am no fan of Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, or their relationship with Tik Tok, a totally communist app. What started out as a photo sharing app has turned into videos and short movies with bullshit voice overs and insane backgrounds. When people can post fake floods and tornados ripping through villages, that are obviously fake, I will never understand. There is no disclaimer or warning that the image is fake, instead it is added to the feed because of the hits.

Instagram was fun for a time. Like most things that go woke the app has turned into total shit. I have seen post desiring people to be sodomized in prison, spreading false information about Kyle Rittenhouse via memes, Bullshit BLM lies for over a year, anything patriotic labeled as hate speech, and the list goes on. What was once an American institution has turned into commie propaganda and it is getting old. We often wonder what we would have done if we lived on the east side of the berlin wall, if we were in communist Russia, or if we saw our neighbors being taken away on train cars. Here we are, in a world where people are silenced and their voices are not given a chance to be heard. When the future looks back on us and sees how Alex Jones and others were kicked off of social media, they will wonder why so many just sat back and did nothing. Didn’t they realize they had Internet and Digital rights? Everyone is equal in the Metaverse. Free speech is the only speech. I hope this is the direction that the world turns in, to have anything else means that our rights are lost and people like me will be beaten down or disappeared into the ether. Maybe that is the hope, that the undesirables will just kill themselves like the young women who look at filtered photos wondering why they don’t look so perfect like the liars on the internet.