What am I up to now?

With the end of the summer comes a little free time and the chance to branch out into different things. For one, I’m starting work on a new book and promoting the current one that comes out Oct 31, 2022. A Crash in the Night: the assassination of Duncan Lemp will be available in print and Ebook format. While promoting this book I will also be working on two other books. The first is a book on Terrence Yeakey, a police officer for OCPD who was a first responder to the OKC bombing in 1995. There is a story here and I want to take a deep dive into and paint a clear picture of the death of Terrence Yeakey.

Project 2: I don’t know what to call this one. While working on the Duncan Lemp book, I interviewed a handful of individuals who are affiliated with different militias. While these covered the groups that Duncan was involved in, I became curious about the other groups that have been labeled as “terrorist organizations” by groups like the FBI and DHS. Who are these people? What makes them tick? Are they really terrorists? It isn’t enough to look up some Wikipedia entries and slap something together. I want to have the experience. I want to know what these men do and why. Most of the training that is done, or shown online, involves target shooting. While I could use some more training on some of the equipment I have I think my time could be better spent improving myself physically. I did find one training routine that I would be able to keep up with.

Finally, I can dust off the select dumb bells and perhaps lose some of the dad bod that continues to expand as time goes on. I will give it a shot, and in the end, tell you what I think. This workout isn’t P90X, it’s not going to give me ripped abs or hulk like strength, but it’s a start. My progress will be logged here on the blog and on my YouTube channel for the walks. This is a change that I need and I’m hoping to get the most I can out of it.

For those who are curious, No I’m not a member of a militia. I have no plans to join a militia. I wouldn’t join any club that is dumb enough to have me. Please stop flying drones over my house at night. I live in the middle of nowhere, you are not sneaky.