One Mind at a Time: A Deep State of Illusion (book review)

One Mind at a Time: A Deep State of Illusion (book review)

By: Jacob Angeli (The Jan 6 Shaman)

Most people will recognize Jacob Angeli as the Shaman who stood for pictures inside the capital building on Jan 6, 2021. With his buffalo hat, war paint, and half of his torso covered in tribal style tattoos he can be spotted easier than Eddie Vedder at a Pearl Jam concert. What people don’t know about Angeli is that he wrote a book before all of the fame that comes form being locked away for three years due to sitting in a chair in a building.

One Mind at a Time is designed to open people to the idea of the deep state. Those who are not voted into power and keep their positions for several administrations without worry they will ever be fired. The book is a reminder of the many crimes that have been exposed over the years only to be forgotten until the next video tape, accusation, or body floats on shore. The 125 page book is an essay about the horrible people controlling the country. While it could have been longer, going into detail about the different programs he touched on, it remains an introduction to several subjects, from MK ultra to the symbolic human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove.

Angeli starts the book with a disclaimer telling the reader that the contents are disturbing and not for the faint of heart. This is true. I had to stop reading several times while reading page after page of satanic rituals, pedophiles, human trafficking, and on the lighter side the CIA drug trade. None of this was new to me but to put everything into a condensed version was overwhelming and left me not wanting to finish it.

Speckled throughout the books, as small glimmers of hope, were chapters about topics seen in such films as The Secret, a early 2000s documentary about woo woo hippie quantum physics dealing with meditation and changing your surroundings with your thoughts. I wonder if he is trying to do that now with nothing better to do in his cell.

While Angeli tries to introduce the reader to the world of the Deep State he fails to explain how to overcome the Deep State or move into the new peaceful world he envisions. The book ends with tall tales of humans doing extraordinary things but no path to changing the system as a whole.

The book serves as a symbol of Angeli. While he became the man who is the model figure for the Jan 6 Protest he was also spotted weeks before at BLM protest. Some take this as a way of proving he is really a federal plant to lead people into the building, others say he is a traitor to the same people he was with on Jan 6. In his own words he explained that he was just as pissed about police brutality as he was about the election.

The full interview can be found here: https://youtu.be/Xwdkng6ZGp8

My thoughts on the book end with this, it is an introduction to a man that everyone can recognize but few actually know. What is important to him, how does he function, what makes him tick? One Mind at a Time isa difficult read at times but for those who are curious it is the first place I would recommend people to go to in order to find their answers on the man in question.