Only the Democratic Party Celebrates Political Violence

Both parties suffer partisan violence. One glorifies it.

By: Matthew Gilman

The title of the Atlantic article written by David Frum is misleading and tries to point a common thread among both parties as being held by only one. While he tries to make connections between political ads and acts of violence, he fails. However, there was the recent shooting on November 2, 2022 at the home of a GOP candidate Pat Harrigan. The Democratic rival had posted an ad filmed in front of Harrigan’s home only to have a gunman show up and open fire on the house. No one was harmed in the incident.

The Democratic party has a long history of glorifying acts of violence against political opponents. Republican President Abraham Lincoln, the man quoted last in Frum’s article, was shot and killed by a southern Democrat in a theater. Somehow the left likes to lay claim to Lincoln even though he wasn’t a member of their party. There was the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. While the cover of Time magazine had always been reserved for those who were considered the best of us, Lee Harvey Oswald was put on display on Oct 2, 1964. Why the communist gunman would be placed on the same cover that was the home of Time’s “person of the year” remains a mystery to readers to this day. This act of disrespect to a fallen president shocked audiences as Oswald was glorified to the public.

It wasn’t until recently that the names of mass shooters were no longer given on news broadcast. Looking back at mass shooting events in the past liberal journalists would repeat the names of these criminals to the public to the point that I can name Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold without the need to look them up but I can not name one victim of the crime at Columbine High School in 1999.

When it comes to the political violence of the left one only has to look at the summer of 2020 to find the foundation of the current political angst in the country today. A narrative built on lies was repeatedly reported to the public in an effort to justify riots, arson, and looting across the country. Even when the CNN office was being attacked, and arson attempted, the news anchors still claimed that it was “mostly peaceful.” By the end of the riots over 2 billion dollars of damage had been done across the nation. This is a poor estimate due to insurance not covering the loss of property inside the businesses that had been destroyed, primarily in minority owned neighborhoods. These acts were encouraged by then democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who raised money for bail, and had suspects of arson and assault released from jail only to be arrested again later for the same crimes. Meanwhile CNN continued to cover the footage of the carnage with the screen calling it “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to act in self defense against a convicted pedophile, that had just been released from the hospital after a suicide attempt, and a man with a history of assault. The third man that survived the assault on Kyle, Joseph Rosenbaum, testified in court that it was only after he raised his gun to shoot Kyle that Kyle shot him.  The jury found Kyle innocent of all charges and yet we still have articles published by The Atlantic stating Rittenhouse “acting as an armed vigilante, gunned down two demonstrators.” These false statements alone are the reason for political violence in the country today due to the serious malpractice of so-called journalist at these institutions. People like Frum will disavow the findings of a jury in a court of law, ignore sworn testimony of people who took the stand, and still makes false statements about individuals that have the potential of causing physical violence against them.

Then we get to Beto O’Rourke, when asked how he would enact a gun confiscation Beto replied, “Okay, so my plan is, it’s like Waco, right- but like everywhere.”  Let’s look back to what Waco was. A conservative right-wing Christian group of Seventh Day Adventist call the Branch Davidians were raided by the ATF and FBI for owning firearms that had been legally purchased. After the death of 73 people in a firestorm started by the ATF a congressional hearing was conducted to find out what happened. It turns out the argument about the legality of the firearms was dropped for the crime of sex with minors of which the victims were also killed in the blaze started by the ATF. The Democrats liked what happened at Waco so much that Beto said he wants Wacos everywhere to confiscate guns and the proposed new head of the ATF was David Chipman, an agent who posed for pictures after the rumble started to cool and the bodes had not been recovered. These are the actions of the left. not only was Waco glorified but Chipman was nominated to run the ATF after Biden became President. So, I have to ask who is glorifying political violence?

Now we come to Paul Pelosi. Have you ever noticed that if you ask a question the left doesn’t like the term conspiracy theorist is invoked? The surveillance footage has not been released and I have a feeling it never will. Much like the prison camera footage of Epstein’s cell, the plane hitting the Pentagon on 9-11, the truck parked in front of the Murrah building at the Oklahoma City bombing. The shooters at Columbine and Sandy hook inside the buildings. The alleged bomber on Jan 6 whose face is never shown. If the facts of an event do not fit the narrative the left what’s you to believe they will hide it from you. The man who attacked Paul Pelosi was a nudist, LBGT, BLM, drug addict, gay prostitute, Conservative? Is anyone else having a hard time buying this story and why should we believe anything coming out of the media or the left pertaining to this when the story being pushed doesn’t fit the police report, the cameras weren’t being watched by Secret Service even though the Pelosi home had been attacked before, and other people were present who we are told to forget about? How quickly the public forgets that it was Nancy Pelosi asking to have machine guns with two-man teams positioned around the Capital Building for unarmed protestors, but that isn’t considered political violence, right?