Voting Republican for the first time


It’s not hard to remember the first election I ever voted in. Most people who voted in 2000 can recall the law suits, confusion, and eventual decision by the supreme court, not the people, the put George W. Bush in office. Sometimes I look back and wonder what life might have looked like if Al Gore had become president and 9-11 still happened. Of course, there is no way to know.

I didn’t vote for Al or George that first time. I voted for Ralph Nader. I didn’t care for Gore’s policy on censorship and Bush I took to be a racist and idiot. Turns out Bush wasn’t a racist but was an idiot. As for Gore, I’m still waiting for the world to end. Since then I voted for every Democrat that had been on the ballet from John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (Barf), Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard. This election, the game that the Democrats have been playing this year with the country was the last straw.

For twenty years I followed a progressive path and while I hold some conservative ideas I learned mostly left on topics. After seeing where the democratic party has gone in a desperate attempt to remove a man from the oval office I can only say “they have lost their minds.” Four years ago, the democratic party was reluctant to go full crazy. This year they decided to stop taking their meds and dived head first into a swimming pool filled with shit.

In 2016, I remember when Black Lives Matter took the stage from Bernie Sanders and he was forced to say he supported their cause. They had acted like bullies and he folded under pressure when he shouldn’t have. To me, that was the end of the Bernie campaign. Later on, Hillary would invite BLM onto her stage in full support not knowing who these people are. This has become the new party policy. Bend the knee to anyone that has clout in the moment and hope everyone else follows. Welcome to 2020.

For the last year I have tried to make a change in the democratic party. Since I was a child, I had heard to fix the system from the inside to make the world a better place. I decided to put my money where my mouth was. I heard Andrew Yang on the Joe Rogan podcast and liked the majority of his policies. He wasn’t a carrier politician and if there was one person, I could see beating Donald Trump in 2020 it was him. although he ran on a universal basic income platform it was his other policies listed on his website that attracted me. Over several months I donated a good portion of money to his campaign and like Bernie in 2016 the Democratic party, pardon my language, fucked him out of the debates. Before I could blink Yang had dropped out and eventually supported Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate.

Then there was Tulsi. Here we have a woman who is everything that the Democratic party says they want as their presidential candidate. Young, a person of color, war vet, current military enlisted, and currently serving in congress. She wanted to invest in the country instead of foreign countries and end the wars that did us no good in the long run. In her first debate Tulsi decimated the party favorite at the time by calling out Kamala Harris for putting single moms in jail if their kids didn’t go to school and putting more black men in prison than any other Attorney General in California. Kamala continued to play the race card and it didn’t work. she was one of the first candidates to drop out of the race. So, we have badass, minority, congressional war vet taking out her opponents and the media refused to cover her. Tulsi was the only option on the primary ballet in the state of Michigan that was left besides Joe Biden. My vote went to Tulsi. Later, she would drop a slander law suit against Hillary Clinton which only told me how far the corruption in the party had gone. Everyone I put my faith in disappointed me in the end. Then came the riots.

Covid-19 came onto the radar at the beginning of the year and before we knew it people had it in Washington state and New York and it was spreading across the map. Lock downs were put into place and the people of Michigan had three months off from work. I followed the Governor’s orders and kept my risk of contracting the disease low. Protest erupted when the lockdown was extended and the media along with the Governor scolded the unpatriotic swine that descended onto the capital building in Lansing. I thought these people were idiots and were acting like children. Then Stupid had a new definition a month later.

George Floyd was allegedly killed by a police officer in Minneapolis and all hell broke loose. Black Lives Matter, an organization that had disappeared after 2017, re-emerged with protest and some new plays in their book for causing havoc across the country. In 2018 the book called White Fragility by Robin DeAngelo was released and it became the new bible for insecure white women everywhere. Antifa and a new army of poorly educated, indebted, college graduates took to the streets and started riots, looting, and started destroying public property across the country. When 104 black people were shot in Chicago on Father’s Day weekend BLM was nowhere to be found. Private businesses pooled money together as a bounty for the person responsible in the death of a one-year-old child. At the same time my Governor was marching in the streets with protesters when a month before she was degrading the previous protesters far doing the same thing. My county declared Racism a public health crisis, not Covid-19. CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and every left-wing newspaper refused to discuss the riots and looting that was taking place and always referred to these events as “Peaceful protest.” Nancy Pelosi, wore a scarf in DC from a tribe in Africa that sold slaves to European merchants, and took a knee in solidarity with BLM. This is the level of stupid that we are dealing with now. Companies left and right are siding with BLM without knowing who they really are. When people say they don’t support them they are fired from their jobs.

Today is the fourth of July and protest, riots, and looting are still going strong. While the Dems are busy kissing the ass of an organization, they know nothing about Trump has made sure that arrests are being made and many of these fools are looking at ten-year prison sentences. Something is finally being done.

I never cared for the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon and their cancel culture, taking due process out of the hands of the courts and legal system, instead choosing to have people fired and soil their name so they can’t make a living anymore. This isn’t the American way. This isn’t how I want to live. We have the first amendment in this country and at the moment the only group who thinks they are allowed to use it are a bunch of crazy leftists that haven’t moved out of their parent’s basement. Nowhere in the constitution does it say that people have the right NOT to be offended. Everyone has the right to say what they believe without the state stepping in but some people want to change that. Now they are going after the second amendment. “Ken and Karen” made the news for defending their home after an iron gate was destroyed and hundreds of armed protesters entered their property threatening to kill them, burn their house down, and kill their dog. Nobody could blame them if they went full John Wick on these assholes except for the media. The local DA is also trying to charge them for defending their property while not firing a single shot. Did I mention the DA is a Democrat?

When I look at the state of affairs across the country every city that became a war zone during these riots are run by Democrats. CHAZ was allowed to prosper in Seattle because of the Democratic Mayor. Chicago, currently being run by a Democrat, is seeing record numbers in shooting while it is a gun free zone. New York is folding under pressure and is cutting over a billion dollars from the NYPD budget only to see an immediate rise in crime. People in my home state were given tickets and fines for not following the stay at home order while the Governor was marching in the streets with protesters who were breaking the same laws, she signed in.

This year was the last straw. I tried. I really did. I supported the best options the democrats had running. I participated in the process. I followed the rules. Then this shit happens. These people with all of their phony policies and lack of spines are pushing the country into a civil war because they can’t handle the fact they are not in charge. As Will McAvoy once said on Newsroom “If Liberals are so fucking smart, how come they lose so goddamn always?” The Dems will lose again. The polls say Biden is winning but we haven’t seen the man in three months. Plus, these are the same polls that said Hillary was going to be in office. I’m not the only one out there. I’m not the only historically voting democrat that will be voting for Trump in November. There are a few other Democrats that I will be voting out of office at the same time. Their time of dividing the country through Identity politics are over. No more of this white shaming and anti-male bullshit. I’ tired of being called a piece of shit because of the color of my skin and having a big pair of balls between my legs. They can shove their policies up their ass from now on. Come November they will join the ranks of the unemployed they created this year and hopefully we can get back on track with improving the country instead of trying to turn it into Orwell’s Animal Farm. I can not be the only one out there that feels this way. We are the silent majority and I’m here to say “You’re fired!”





The so-called Democratic debate

Even with my policy of not following the news or keeping up with the latest political fiasco I found myself listening to the second democratic debate. Joe Biden sounded like a paranoid patient in a retirement home with the same fake tan of a California body builder. Kamala Harris let her ghetto side out and started to “keep it real” as she attacked her opponents. Andrew Yang’s microphone kept being turned off. Pete received all the attention from NBC like he was on a date from Grinder. Then there was Bernie Sanders standing on a soap box muttering his nonsense like he was at the park hoping for loose change to be thrown into his hat.
The Democratic debate, round two, was as much of a disappointment as I expected it to be. There was the hippie chick that talked about defeating Trump with love, whatever the fuck that means, and Biden wouldn’t know what a gun was if he pulled one out of his ass. The issues were kept on subjects that have been argued about for the last thirty years and have nothing to do with the current state of the country. The party as a whole is a lost cause.
We will end up have another four years of Trump, as incompetent as he is, he has a fan base that will blindly follow him as the country goes over the edge into an abyss, we will not find ourselves out of. The joke four years ago was that ten people running for president as Republicans was too much, a sign they didn’t have anybody qualified for the job and yet one person was able to beat Hillary Clinton out of the bunch. The sad thing is that regardless of who ends up running against trump the party will not come together to vote him out of office. There was nobody on stage worth voting into office. Granted a lot of this is the result of the press running the debate, something that needs to change if there is going to be any real progress in the country. I had to wait on YouTube as the station ran their adds and kept the candidates limited to their responses. Andrew Yang might have had three minutes to talk the entire evening. Meanwhile Biden, Bernie, and Harris were given several minutes apiece. Pete was treated like the stations darling as he spoke in different languages and bragged about his time overseas. The debate, like any political arena, was rigged. Questions were designed to accommodate certain people and others were left out of the discussion. Just like 2016 the party had an agenda to keep certain people from being noticed.
I don’t know where things will go from here. Harris handed Biden his ass and he never realized it fell off. Bernie sounded like a broken record in front of an audience who didn’t know what records are. Pete sounds good but try running a gay man against the Christian right and see how far that will get you. I wanted one person who would tell Trump to “go fuck himself” but that isn’t going to happen with the bunch of impotent morons running for office. There were no answers for immigration. The gun debate is a dead horse they continue to beat. Healthcare is a joke. While they are talking about half of this stuff it becomes obvious that they are disconnected from the country. Trump, for all of his idiotic comments, kept it simple and had a phrase to rally around. The democrats are like the Occupy Wall Street movement, unorganized with a list of hundreds of demands trying to say that all of them are equally important. They are the ADD child that can not accomplish anything because they are too busy moving onto the next thing. The democratic party has nothing to focus on except for Trump and doing that only puts more spotlights on Trump. The left has nothing to offer and if this keeps going the way that it is the country as a whole will have nothing to offer the rest of the world.


The Usual Suspects

2020 is coming, too soon if you ask me. It’s not the year itself I have a problem with, it’s the barrage of political B.S. we will have to put up with by people running for office. Before I stopped watching/ listening to the news I noticed there were almost twenty people fighting to be the person to run against Trump. Out of everyone there was only one that I could see having a chance and he is not the guy that the media is pushing. This post isn’t about Andrew Yang, instead it’s about our weird marriage between news media and politics.
The Berning question you might have, see what I did there, is why not support Bernie? He was the guy that would have beat Trump back in 2016, the guy that should have received the nomination over Hillary Clinton but was bent over and plowed by his own party. Why can’t I back Bernie? He didn’t have the balls to stand up to his own party. His loyalty is in the wrong place and while loyalty can be a great trait to possess, to continue to engage in a relationship with a group that stabs you in the back, bends you over, and humiliates you in front of the world, if you are unable to learn what the true nature of a group is after experiencing such a betrayal then how the hell are you going to stand up against another party or another country? Bernie was my guy but he bitched out in the end.
When I heard Kamala Harris was running I rolled my eyes and shook my head. A professional liar, I mean lawyer, was the last thing we needed. She has changed her position on policies more than the number of people she sexually harassed while working as prosecuting attorney in the state of California. You don’t pay out 3 million in settlements when you are innocent.
Cory Booker is running and the only thing I know about him is that he is having sex with Rosario Dawson. Dude, I think you have better things to do than run for president. Enjoy your life.
Elizabeth Warren is an embaressment to herself. She took a DNA test to prove that she is part Native American and fail that test. When Trump became president she was formidable with his appointments to his cabinet but in the end she approved unqualified people and played along with his perverted agenda. Another betrayal.
Surfer babe, Tulsi Gabbard has not impressed anyone with a poorly stated message and coming off as “too chill” in my book. Tulsi is the stereotypical hot babe who is easy to look at but hard to listen to. A veteran of the middle east wars I have respect for her when it comes to serving the country but I have to say maybe it should stop there.
The rest of the group is a bunch of white men and women who already have weird scandals that I’m m starting to believe were fabricated to bring attention to their dying campaigns. The whole thing is a joke.
I found my guy early on and people love pointing out that it is the longest of long shots and I am fine with that. When I point out that Obama came out of nowhere, I receive weird rebuttals that border on racist without crossing the line. From one white person to another, I know what you’re really saying.
This time around I’m going to follow my guy, Andrew Yang and enjoy the ride as long as it last. If he gets a shot at the white house I’ll tune in and see what happens. When he is out of the race, so am I. I want something different, I want to have something real in this country. While we still have ancient turtles like Bitch McConnell keeping the country in a constant spiral down a toilet poop chute I have little hope of any change in this country. We need a plague and it can have the initial outbreak in the capital building. Nature may abhor a vacuum but an artist cannot create a masterpiece without a blank canvas.
I want to be excited. I want to wake up and hear what new breakthrough has happened. What has changed for the better. Instead, what we get is a flaccid, stagnant, impotent government that is too lazy to do anything but jerk each other off. The weather outside today is how the last couple of years have been, a dark dreary cool wet day with a lack of sunlight to have things grow and too cold to enjoy and one has no ambition to venture outside because of the dogshit on the lawn. We are all stuck in a bubble of our own making and until we build up the courage to go outside and face the fake boogiemen of our days that we will never end up having a better place to live.


Why I’m Voting for Andrew Yang

I have to admit that I rolled my eyes when I read the Joe Rogan episode description with another Democrat running for president. Out of curiosity I decided to spend two hours at work listening to Andrew Yang. For those two hours I waiting to hear something that didn’t make sense, something that would make me hit the stop button and go back to my audiobook, and it didn’t happen. Andrew Yang is the one person who knows what they are talking about, and isn’t a fossil. If there is someone who could point out to the public that Trump hasn’t done what he said he would do it is this man.
Who is Andrew Yang? Born to immigrant parents from Taiwan, Andrew went to law school and quit his profession after five months to explore becoming an entrepreneur. Later he would start a company that helps young people out of college start their own companies in areas that had seen massive job losses over the years such as Detroit.
Years ago, Andrew noticed the rise in automation and went to congressmen to asked what they were planning to do about massive job loss. The response was, “We can’t talk about that.” If government isn’t willing to do anything about it, and if silicone valley is speeding up the creation of self-driving vehicles and warehouses that work on their own then who was going to step up and figure out solutions to these problems? Andrew Yang.
I have a daughter who will be two years old in May. I look at where we are as a society, economy, and where we might be heading. Ten years from now when Zoey comes to me and ask what she should be when she grows up, I will have no idea what to tell her. When I was starting college the question was, what is the job market lacking? I heard many things from nurse, graphic designer, and police officer. While I was in school these jobs were flooded with people who had already graduated leaving people with a degree in their hands and a huge pile of debt to repay. An overabundance of graphic designers led to people working cheap to have jobs and work long insane hours with little to show at the end.
Where does Andrew Yang fit into this? He has two sons that he doesn’t have answers for. When he described the future economy and not knowing what the world will look like for them it was like he had taken the words right out of my head. This was a guy who had the same concerns that I had, the only difference, he could possibly do something about it.
I’m not going to talk about the Freedom Dividend or healthcare for all. When it comes to his policies I would suggest listen to his interviews on Joe Rogan or Sam Harris. Hell, he even makes the Fox news host perk up when he responds with answers they can’t refute. I thought one of them was about to have a panic attack when his only response was “this is socialism” and Yang countered the argument only to hear “that’s wrong.” The old white man had no response, he had been bested by Yang.
The last time that I donated to a political party was the first time Obama ran for office. I was tired of war and wanted something to change. This time around I have to say I’m tired of feeling like there is no future for myself or my daughter. Everyday is the same, life does not get any better. In the words of Jack Nicholson “What if it doesn’t get any better than this. What if this is as good as it gets?” I can’t accept that answer and nobody should settle on that. But hey, we are all different and maybe you like where you are at in your life. Personally, I could do with less bullets flying by my house, cops kicking in the neighbor’s doors, and schools that constantly fail the simplest of test. I’m not saying that Yang has answers for everything, although sometimes it appears that way. What I’m saying is that we can at least put somebody in office who would make a legitimate effort to improve peoples lives and when we see the backlash of a party or certain people who get in his way, vote them the fuck out. I’m tired of old people who grew up with Walter Cronkite on the news and have no idea what life is like today. From my understanding some of these people do not understand what the internet is. There is time for a change. If you want the opposite of Donald Trump or the rest of the republican party and main stream democrats than there really isn’t any other choice, pick the Asian American guy who is good at math, looks at the facts, and makes money in business instead of filing for bankruptcy. Ask yourself, what the hell do we have to lose? Then ask yourself, what is it that we have to gain?