H R 127 what you should know.


Well, here we go. H R 127 was introduced to congress on January 4th, 2021 and has not been voted on yet but here is what is included in this dystopian piece of literature.

After H R 127 is signed into law every gun owner in the US will have 3 months to register their firearms and ammunition with the ATF. every gun owner will be required to have an insurance policy, a psychological evaluation, and the ownership of any firearm defined as a military firearm is banned.

Definition of a military style firearm: any rifle or pistol with a detachable magazine. The ability to hold a bayonet. threading for a silencer or suppressor. A built in magazine that holds 5 bullets or more. This also includes civilian models of firearms like the AR-15 and pistols.

Antique firearms require a special permit to be on display. The display needs to be approved by authorities before a license will be given.

As usual, the government, while writing this bill take little into consideration. Governments inability to complete paperwork, 7 million new gun owners in the last year, and heirloom weapons that have been handed down and have no record. For the morons that sign onto this bill I have one thing to say, good luck.

Check out the bill in its entirety for all the juicy little details.